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May 6, 2008

Pre-show prep.... update

Quilt show debuting new collection CHLOE'S IMAGINATION and new colors or ANNABELLA is next week. I have been working together with Nancy and her daughters from QUILTS LIKE CRAZY right here in North Carolina. These ladies are talented quilters, seamstresses and knitters. Nancy's shop is half quilting and half knitting and the stuff they do is truly amazing.
Anyway, they called today and said "Your quilts are almost done!" I can't wait to see them and show them off at Market. For those of you who don't see my booth and display at the trade show it's quite an amazing event. Again, we're all making many arrangements to have items sewn and created for display all in our new fabrics. I am in the middle of all that chaos. Fabrics come in in bolt-loads... haha... and surrounded with them always alters the production 'plans' slightly. Once I have them and see them I make the adjustments, last minute revisions and of course I get productive myself. I design all the clothes I show for both kids and adults. I am one of those designers who designs as I cut the fabric. The patterns then get cut from my fabric cuttings believe it or not. Adjustments to those patterns are made as I create the garments. It's a crazy method but works well for me. I have the perfect clothing collection for little ones... We'll share loads of pics when they're available. And they show well in the new collections. I can't wait for you to see.
We slipcovered a few items for the booth this year. One of my favorites is a tiny arm chair belonging to my twins... actually Amelia now has the chair in her room. When she gets it back I am going to have to redo her whole room to fit the chair. It's that cute!
Well, tired me is off to relax. Kids are in bed, and I am tired, tomorrow is a new day and more preparations to attend to.
Thanks to all who read my blog.

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