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Jan 20, 2012

What's in your Tote? -- Featuring Fortiny Pattern

That's my Henry, he approves!

 I am loving toting my Stylish Fortiny Tote around. As part of the Fortiny sewing pattern, (includes the Handbag shown on the front of the cover, and the tote shown in orange) we embellished this one in leather. It simply calls for cording, binding in contrasting color, but I found a local source for scraps of leather (wow!) and cut them into 1/2" strips. Overlapping them to create a long strip. We also tested the leather on a simple SINGER sewing machine with a denim needle. All good! A little embellishment on the handle.
When I go watch Mel's gymnastic practices I take my tote with ipad, crochet, sketch book, of course the phone and my mini workbook... sheesh it's all there but the kitchen sink!
This was taken recently at market. I had so many compliments on my bag so I am making it into a pattern. The wide strap, again is leather. Easy and large, I think I did have the sink in that one! PS I am wearing the Mia Dress... all patterns are available so go on make something!!!

Peacock Park Design by Gina Galvin

These images are from Gina from Peacock Park Designs. Her incredible visits to Texas antique market last fall... she has an eye like you can't believe. Thanks Gina... hey I think I need to visit Texas soon!

Jan 18, 2012

Inspiration: Chinoiserie Home

Love the grey with that orange... yummy
Love the fabric on those chairs.
Chocolate and white! Classic
Love the look!
Love the floral with that crazy carpet!
I am designing a garden room! Love this!
My favorite read this month... crazy issue!
That wall paper is killer!
So I am currently painting, a LOT... for several different products including textiles, paper and new collections that I am so excited for 2013. I paint mostly at night because it's a quieter part of my day, when the kids are in bed. So I am having late nights...
So online today I wondered into this busy, elegant and chinoiserie flavored world I thought I'd share. The funny thing is I am mixing 1700s textile and fashion imagery, with a little chinoiserie late 1800s with, wait for it, 1970s flavored florals!?!? Chaaai... we shall see.

Jan 9, 2012


Cid Pear: an INVITATION: Retailers Please join me this Thursday in Atlanta Where: ATLANTA'S GIFT MART BLDG 2 18TH Floor CR Gibson -- Thursday January 12th 2012 a...

Jan 8, 2012

POSH s u n d r e s s / TG-A6003

POSH s u n d r e s s / TG-A6003

Win a chance to get the fabric...
Download the pattern and then tell me what you think. You don't have to make it, just look over it and tell me your thoughts!

If you get selected,
choose between 3 different colorsways:
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Jan 5, 2012

new fabric collection: PAGODA LULLABY

I can't wait to get my hands on this collection when it finally arrives. I am designing a whole range of sewing patterns around this collection for both children and adults!
It's time for some new bags too... so watch for news on that.

I called it Pagoda Lullaby because I was in a very happy far off adventure reminiscent of oversized fauna, large comfy furniture with massive pompom trimmed cushions, the wavy sea and the Pagoda overlooking the private garden... with light voile curtains waving in the breeze! Ohhh, let's make all of these things shall we? And oh ~ decidedly joyful color palettes to choose from. Deep red grenadine and chocolate; morning garden brights and wine country fields! Lucious!
The line comes in cotton, voile and heavy cotton sateen (for those massive cushions of course!)


PAGODA LULLABY: Morning Garden


New fabrics coming 2012 / FORTINY


FORTINY: Train Window
Coming in the Spring 2012, this is a collection I actually created for our northern European markets, specifically Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. And we all loved it so much we decided to market right here in the Americas...
A little bit of a departure for me I think the colors are within the earthy tones I like. I added a bit of that soft tangy orange and aqua in the Oasis colorway; and Train Window sports a beautiful happy green and rich chocolate mix. Although they have a more traditional flavor I think they will make some very cool modern quilts too!
By the way, the scale is much smaller for me too! You'll see a hint of Lilliput Fields (my last collection) in the patterning but again, a much smaller scale! I can't wait to get my hands on these to create some warm and rich quilts!
Tell me which colorway you prefer!

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