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May 14, 2012

Sewing Pattern Inspiration

For my Mia, Vrille and Strappy sewing patterns... this is the look! Can you guess which 2 photos are mine!?

May 10, 2012

NEW Website

TG-A6006 Fortiny Tote & Handbag
So it's official, the new site is up. It's and I am thrilled with it. All the sewing patterns are there and you can even purchase them. If you are a store you can purchase them in our WHOLESALE PATTERN SHOP module. You do need a password which we can email to you. Watch for your TG newsletter coming soon.
If you're a consumer and would like to find my patterns, we have cleverly created our own easy PATTERN SHOP. As some of you know, I am a 'pleaser', hahaha so I want you to be happy. No, ecstatic at our products and our customer service. So try us out I think you're gonna love it.

I also have 4 galleries including licensing, textile and illustration, and the sewing patterns. So you can get a glimpse of my work whether for surface design, product design and more. The site is as always a working site, so the intention is to update all of the time, post specials and great store giveaways. We plan on gifting lots, and so very happy to be live and 'looking good'.

PS The site is a flash based site so will only work on your computers. We're working to create our very own mobile site for easy access. We use PayPal for now, which I have found a great worldwide payment option; and it is the safest and most secure.

Let me know what you think, I can't wait!

May 2, 2012

Pagoda Lullaby

In cotton, voile and cotton sateen. You are going to love this one! Enjoy!


New sewing patterns are debuting at the Kansas City International Quilt Market. New fabric Pagoda Lullaby can also be seen there... Look for my postcard. I will be at market friday and saturday. See you soon....

May 1, 2012

Apron Dress for toddler to 12 years

TG-K6013 Apron Dress coming this summer

Mel is turning 10 in June. Her and twin brother have grown so much I can't stand it. It is amazing how they develop each year, and their personalities, while fundamentally the same, become stronger and stronger. Mel is just like me in so many ways, and so unlike me too. She is creative but in a different way to me. She's more a sculptor, builder. One day she came home and demanded she have glue, a flat surface (foam core) and popsicle sticks and a lot of them! So off we went to Michael's to get her supplies. She wouldn't tell me what for!
Well a few hours go by and I am up in my studio busy doing my thing. When I come down she's built the most amazing BRIDGE. All with these sticks and glue! Then she painted it. I mean structurally sound, no kit, no picture ~ nothing... just this amazing structure. After my oohs and aahs and disbelief I asked her, "Why did you build this?" She said "Uh, I dunno!"
And she moved onto the next project!!!
It's as if she's suddenly got this need to create something, then makes it and moves fast off onto the next activity! Wild!
Here she models for me at 7:30am this morning after I straightened her hair for school!!! The Apron Dress is super cool, a halter with a twist! Coming this summer. Shown in a voile cotton from my new Pagoda Lullaby fabric!