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Oct 26, 2009

Olivia's Holiday - more colors

These blues remind me of that pool side evening... the kind when you have a few close friends or family lingering around, the day has been long and fun, you've all had a little too much sun. And now it's that final cocktail hour at sunset before you settle down to a meal of some sort! The sun is going down and all the pinks and blues of the sky are starting to gel into one darker tint of smokey gray! "Let's have a Mint Julep and some tapas for eats?" Bring the soft cushions and quilts out to lounge about!

Then there's my favorite... Pink is my thing! What can I tell you. This is not just any pink palette, and certainly not for the meek minded... A delicious array of pinks and lemon yellows with a rich gray slate and oh, a touch of fuchsia just to mess with ya.... This is that mix of afternoon nap and a great book to doze with... but just enough color to keep your mind free to wonder! What are you thinking?
Let me know what your favorite color group is in my latest fabric collection!

Oct 25, 2009

New OLIVIA'S HOLIDAY fabric collection

My new fabric collection recently launched at the fabric show, International Quilt Market in Houston earlier this month. I think it is an elegant and sweet fabric collection. I created this collection reminiscent of 1950s holiday on the coast. Olivia is a cat on holiday with her human family enjoying the sun baked beaches, shade under the mangroves and breezy flower beds along their walk to the ocean! Colors are bright and cheerful yet soft and subtle in palette for dusky evenings, warm sunrises and afternoon naps in the gardens!

This colorway I call Breezy Beachsand... in soft yellow ivory, greens and blues!!! It's minty fresh don't you think? It also is a true quilters collection! The colors and patterns create a textured palette but maintain the integrity of each design without getting lost! Stick these patterns into a quilt and it'll turn out soft and wavy like the breezy water surface of the sea!!! How romantic is that? I am designing a quilt around this collection so wait for the freebee pattern...

Other colors include a pinky-yellow group I call Afternoon Sleep, and maybe my favorite.. also Sunset Walk in blue and pink and a delicious stoney grey! Watch for more images....

This collection is available now, so check with your favorite shop or call your rep.....

Lil' Dresses & my daughter!

I am mad for creating fun eclectic little visions for little girls.... My Amelia is 7 going on 21! She's an old soul, and although she models for me beautifully, she is completely not a fashionista, funcky chic (she told me so) or anything to do with unusual clothing. When she was 2, 3 even 4 and 5 she'd wear almost anything I put on her, and she loved it! Now, she has, well, a mind of her own and will only wear bright neon leggings and crazy t-shirts, a baseball cap in watermelon raspberry and maybe a pair of boots! Usually it's Nike runners or something absolutely not ok with me! Where does she get this stuff? Well I buy it for her naturally, because that's what she wants to wear. I do grit my teeth, but I believe, she's got to wear her own thing! Express her own individuality not mine! Eek, where does that leave me in designing for little girls! Well, I know I can design fun couture and extraordinary shapes for toddlers and slightly older, but six and up maybe not! Unless they were like me and always wore something mad! Madness I created myself I might add!

In the end! I am so very proud and happy to have an independent daughter who's as stubborn and maddening as ever! A little girl who expresses herself clearly! And I am lucky enough to be her mom! A little gushy I know, but all true!

Oct 8, 2009

Right Bank Babies

Right Bank Babies is a special childrens clothing manufacturer out of Los Angeles
by Ellen Uzarowicz. As you can see she has great taste in textiles... tee hee. I say so because she's selected some of mine in her collections and I am thrilled.... It incorporates a vintage flavor and a unique mix of the fabrics --- just as I love it! Thanks Ellen and congrats on a fabulous collection of kids clothing... see more at for more and to shop!

Love this in Chloe's Imagination mixing the orange I called Marigold Palace and blue, Azur Tea....

Fabric from Annabella collection, featuring Beatrice in avo and navy! Perfectly delicious!

From Chloe's Imagination, this blue pattern is called Fortiny after my great aunt!

Love the fabric on the left, but mine is on the right, Chloe in Blue (Azur Tea).
Fabulous piece this little reversible coat! A must for any stylish child's wardrobe!