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Mar 22, 2011

Beatrice Dress

I recently stumbled on this dress made in my Beatrice fabric from the Annabella collection. Designer is Kelsey Genna. 
Kelsey Genna is a handmade label based in New Zealand. Independently run with all garments being made to measure and in limited quantities. All pieces are sold exclusively through the KG Online Boutique. Kelsey, is a mere 19 years old and recently graduated with a degree in Fashion Design. Well done Kelsey and all the very best wishes and luck for your future. You have a bright one - and not just because you used my fabric in your collection! Gorgeous pics to, see Kelsey's stuff at


Crumpets in design for 2012

So inspired by those vintage shoes I recreated them for a holiday ornament collection I am working on. They're not quite where they need to be but thought it would be fun to share the inspiration and the painting bit. I may take these shoes even further down the fantasy Christmas theme... we shall see.
The figurine ideas are fun, my favorite is yes, the flying pig with his little friend Mr. Chipmunk on his back.  The tiny bunny in the center there is too cute, she's a bit on the small side for you to see but she's precious.

Mar 14, 2011

Cid Pear: Pink Packages

Cid Pear: Pink Packages: "Photos by OLIVER SCHWARTZWALD are incredibly complicated and divine. These three are probably the most simplistic of his photographs....."

Mar 3, 2011

Shoe Inspiration

So in the beginnings of Cid Pear stationery, I painted many shoes and handbags... And they were modern and hip and current and fab! And when shoe stationery was in they did well. Over the years they have waned and we get very few orders for shoe stationery... So recently was asked to design a new shoe collection for one of my special licensor clients who shall be nameless for now... not for paper but for a new gift program.... and I thought 'WHAT?' no passe.. n'est pas?
So I dabbled about online and found I was, naturally, drawn to VINTAGE shoes. Big surprise.... so in gathering all these little gems I started to get excited and have begun sketching based on the above inspiration panel! Are they not delicious! Who doesn't love shoes and who doesn't love vintage shoes? I must return to my painting desk right away... enjoy these for now, but wait and see their transformation into Tina'er-ism! 
Maybe we should have a fabric of shoes? Yes? or No?

Mar 2, 2011

Exterior space color

Thinking of painting the new studio exterior this turquoise? Thoughts?


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