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Jun 27, 2010


 Hmmm.... a sale at Rare, crazy and I love it. And they have a new inventory of that Pink polkadot from Fairy Tip Toes that everyone is crazy about.... so get in while the going is good!~
And remember to look up Kimono Suit and Angel Smock on my site for pattern enhancements. Just clickety click on the sewing pattern image and you'll find the download pdf.

I have attached the link to quilt home, but if it didn't work cut and paste the following into your brows-ah!

Sewing Patterns, some new some old, all with soul sist-ah!

Four little outfits from the booth!Top right is the Kimono Suit Pattern TG-K5029 which we have just enhanced with detailed technical illustrations and more.... Top left is a new pattern called CHAKITA GIRL which is coming soon, along with bottom left TeaTime Medly for infant to little girl! The tutu isn't mine it was a Target buy.... Love that color! To the bottom right is the infamous COOKIE COAT pattern TG-K5021 a must for any little girls wardrobe and reversible too. More details coming on new sewing patterns. In the meantime, we're working through some of our first series with enhanced illustrations, tips and know-hows... Also a 'basic' technique section because as you know Tina has her own way of sewing..... cutting, and doing just about anything!

Jun 17, 2010

Quilt Market Opal Owl 1

I promised some pics of the booth at Quilt market in Minneapolis, so here we go. More to come just wanted to give you a few to get started!

I enjoyed cluttering up the shelves with all sort of thing including my favorite little glittered birds. We used the 'book panel' fabric to make little sachet cushions... too darling. They were all over the display! We simply cut up the pages and created little rectangle cushions featuring the words and characters on the front side. I had three appliqued canvases on display, the green bunny here is TULA. She's super! I show you how to do this technique in my upcoming book, SEW TINA!

I loved decorating this booth! It was a much smaller space than we usually do so we ate up every inch! It was like my little shop! The carpeted checkerboard makes for great impact.... The yellow tall table bar you see on the right is a 'chunky bar' from West Elm and we paint it each show we do. This time it's yellow.... With the chocolate walls and ivory shelves I wanted to break the monotony and whalah, yellow it was! On that back wall you see the big new GAME DAY TOTE, and matching cushions! I don't know about you but my little butt needs some cush when I am watching soccer, gymnastics, baseball or really any time of day!!!! The ottomon sitting in front of the little closet is perfect for any room in the house. So easy to make.... foam, batting, fabric and your nimble sewing fingers....
The little closet housed samples of the patterns made up.... These all went off to Australia for a show there....

Again, clutter! My clutter though. There's Ella Pearl the dolly sitting ever so prim. I love fedoras and made this little one for my 8 year old Amelia. She loves it.... even though she's Ms Sporty, she wears it sans feather. The dolly shoes were cute ~ we added pompoms. I love that tray too! Oh and the 'A', Amelia painted that when she was 3, added glitter and all.

Everyone has an old ottomon sitting around I know it. So recover with a slip cover. It's so easy! I have had this little square ottomon for ever, and it's seen many covers. Simple measure, add your seam allowance, use a welting (I covered this with the same fabric) it makes a big difference, measure the sides, add top seam allowance and hem allowance, I pleated at each corner and you see the pleat at the front... well that's where I sort of had too much fabric and so made an arbitrary pleat - it works ey? I love this! It now sits in my home under a white table and Lolita, my fat cat has claimed the orange ottomon as her own!
I usually hate the hallway carpet the shows choose but this time I kind of liked that royal blue against all my color...

A nice little corner pic looking into the booth. Again the cubbies along the left there are from West Elm, and painted ivory this time. This was a fun little wall because we were on a corner. So making it open with a window, but closed off so we didn't feel like we were floating and gave me more shelving to clutter up with goodies....
Covered lamp shade added some warmth too!

Oh, that's me wondering around. This looks like first day and I am already exhausted. Looking at something I wanted to change or move or something.... ah, my work is never done. A little more planning went into this one because of the size difference, but usually we just made a whole bunch of stuff in the fabrics and when Kevin is done with the walls and shelving I go for it. Patterns did well and we f