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Dec 2, 2008

Book in the works!

Decorating for the holidays is so much fun! I took myself off to the bookstore today and piled up all the magazines filled with trees and sparkles and fantastic ideas... One of my favorite companies for holiday decoration is Cody Foster & Co. They are perfect with their scope of categories and an amazingly lovely eye for getting it right in an eclectic way! Anyway I thought I'd share!

Other news, I escaped the sewing studio today because I have been a mad woman for a while now designing and creating tiny and sweet items for the book in the works. Some of the items include little squeaker booties and hats for babes, of course the fabulous crib bumpers and they came out fantastic using new fabrics due out in the near year! I created a super-easy scalloped crib skirt I know some of you will love love love, a changing pad cover and several unpredictable projects you will not want to miss for infants' room. OK, then there's the toddler years and the duds I designed for both boys and girls I think you will find irresistible! I had both at the same time, boy and a girl and dressed them uniquely... boys are just as important as girls and these sweet little outfits say it so! I am working on the 4s and 5s who are crazy flexible and require flexible couture no? Finally for the oldest kids, 6/7.... I am working on fantastic projects you will love! I have two this age and they personally approved the project list!

When I get a few pics I'll share, so stay tuned for tiny peeks into the book... still working on that title... 'sewing with Tina' is not cutting it right now! Any ideas? Eclectic, fun, creative, unpredictable, colorful! All for kids... so come on help me out!

If you live in the USA, hope your Thanksgiving Holiday was a treat! I ate much pumpkin pie and whipped cream...

Picture: © Cody Foster & Co.