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May 17, 2008

The Booth

More to come I promise! 2nd day of set up was long long long. We skipped out for flowers and returned to finish up and fluff! Then ran out to change and run off to our cocktail partay.... I had to stand in front of sales reps, fabric execs and all other designers and explain myself... well describe my inspiration for Chloe's Imagination.... I did it.... lots of laughs! And fell into bed for a great nights sleep before the start of market.
Yesterday was first day of the show. The doors opened at 9:30am and a flood of wonderful people came through the doors! Great first day and here's a sneek peek at the booth! And me of course hehe!
More pics to follow... and news of patterns, fabrics and ideas....
thanks for reading!


Danielle said...

Hi! Just found your blog today while searching for pics of the Portland market. Must.Have.Sneek.Peek!
WOW! WOW! WOW! Can't wait til Cloe's Imagination hits the shelves. Oh and the hats and owl are fabulous as well, you 2 are great models :O) Thanks for sharing. Danielle

nicolecprevost said...

So great speaking with you - both days about shoes! And I will make that hat for my friend as soon as the patterns come out.
So loved the booth and your beautiful fabrics. And sorry I didn't find you before hand to get you into my shop!
Take care.

--Nicole Prevost, Union Rose

Amelia said...

Your booth was fantastic! I took pictures for Daria, of Boutique Cafe. Each time I look at them I notice some new treasure of detail! You definitely put your heart into this and it shows. Thank you!!!


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