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May 31, 2008

CR Gibson

I am so ecstatic about working with CR Gibson. They are such a great group of professional people. The spring 2008 collection debuted in New York at the National Stationery Show. It looked marvelous. I have to say, when I design for other companies, as well as my own, I am a stickler for quality in all areas. And what is so lovely, is working with people who allow me to be a control freak. Haha, isn't that a laugh! It sounds so contrived but it's so vital since I am going to have my name on the end product - should I not have the right to be stubborn on it's final presentation? Working with companies who allow me to see the final vision through are the ones I like to work with, and apparently I do a good job because they return. For all of you contemplating me to design your wall paper, rugs, paper products or home decor projects, don't be fooled I am no vigilante, I am as sweet as can be. I meet deadlines and I surprise going over and beyond the scope of what's expected? Don't I sound delicious to work with? So modest too!
See an example of the fabulous CR Gibson social stationery collection, which includes a large number of skus in organizational desk stationery and accessories. To see the entire collection go to their site and look for Tina Givens.
All for now! However, stay 'posted' for more design news!

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