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May 15, 2008

Booth set-up begins

Today was the first day of actual booth 'set-up' at the International Quilt Market here in Portland Oregon. We started our day with a lovely breakfast back at Milo's City Cafe... wonderful eggs benedict... wow! so once that was done we ran a few errands and made our way to the convention center to check in and start setting up the booth. We found our empty space and waited for the crate to arrive via forklift... And it finally arrived.... so sitting right in the middle of the isle Kevin promptly begins to unload the carpet and walls to create the booth.
Once the walls start to go up the lighting is next and I am in the way. I am also doing some last minute stitching.... so I am sitting right in the crate. I was out of the way.... I look so leisurely don't I? well I will tell you I also passed several screws up to Kevin on the ladder. But being the perfectionist he is, he manages just fine on his own! The walls are precise and perfectly placed, carpet is neatly covered in plastic while he uses his drill and nails and climbs on his ladder.... Across the way is the fabulous crew from Westminster Fibers / Free Spirit Fabric, the 3 lovely ladies here are from customer service. Very important people who make sure our customers are taken care of... Here is Jeff (sales) who is very funny and makes me laugh. well, the name is right!

Tomorrow is day 2 of set-up. And by the end of the day the booth will be completed, fluffed and pluffed with perfect walls and shelves, accessories and furniture and props in place and the oh so lovely finished sewn samples and quilts and clothing all in the new fabric collections for our lovely fabric and quilt stores to see and select so you can purchase the fabrics , to make and create some lovely things. stay tuned for finished booth. The transformation is truly something!
PS We went to the Mexican restaurant mentioned in my last post, and let me tell you the food , margaritas were fabulous. The company was enlightening, funny and superb - thanks Amy, David and Chris!


Kelly said...

Wow! Thanks so much for the behind the scenes look at set-up. I'm sure there are lots of people out there like me who are huge fabric fans and fascinated by Quilt Market but otherwise would not get to see all that goes into it. Can't wait to see Chloe's Imagination in person! Best of luck out there.

Robin said...

Thanks so much for allowing us to share in the excitement of Quilt Market! My favorite picture is the one of you sewing while sitting in the crate (love the shoes, too!!)
I'm eagerly awaiting your new fabrics, as well as seeing more pictures from Quilt Market.

kelly said...

Tina It was so nice meeting you at the show I'm the crazy quilter that is friends with Lolu (Teri) I ordered 8 bolts of your new line, now I just have t wait patiently for them to arrive,thanks for designing such lovely fabric that inspires me to quilt Hope to hear from you soon take care, Kelly

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