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May 20, 2008

New & Old Friends

I can't tell you how wonderful it was this show to meet new people who I completely connected with on so many levels. I also had the chance to see my oldest friend in the whole world. Her name is Lola and I grew up with her in Zimbabwe Africa. We are so completely soul mates and I adore her. Now living in Eugene, Oregon, just a few hours from Portland... and wow, we got to see

eachother after 6 years....

Luella Doss, a beautiful person and new friend. Luella is a designer and artist and well known in the quilt and sewing world. What a super human being she is. Thanks Luella for everything.
How about Amy Butler? What a wonderful person? I adore this girl. Not only is she an incredibly talented artist and business woman, I can call her my friend. Amy, you are the coolest! We shared many laughs and many hugs!
Someone new in my life is Adina Klein. Known in the knitting world and once editor for Vogue Knitting Magazine... this is a super creative human being who I loved spending time with. Direct, funny, and maniacal... she struck me as a truly real person.
Heather Ross! Oh my goodness, instantly adored this person. Heather is just plain herself, and designs with a special eye. Her new collection is from her life in Mendocino California... a story so interesting and fun I had to get to know her and hope to get to know her better. She's got a new sewing book coming out, so watch for it, it's a treat.
That's just who's photographed here! Heather Bailey and Anna Maria Horner both had new collections out. Both truly talented women with enormous futures ahead of them.
Denyse Schmidt came for a few days... yes, the incredible Denyse Schmidt. Her fabric collections are incredible and her quilts are amazing. Loved seeing her. Not enough time with D.
And thanks to Joyce, Kaffe, Brandon, Liza, John, Stephen, Max and Ken who were all gracious and loving and kind. And of course a special lovely thanks to my very own Kevin Givens, who worked so hard and so long on the booth, the details of everything, and, well, managing me.


Chelsea said...


Your booth looked amazing! I love your new fabric line and ordered
a lot of it for my shop, I mean
a lot:)

I have to tell you that you are so nice! I met you for the first time in Houston last October and Lila Tueller and I hung out in your booth for about 45 minutes talking with you. You made us laugh and we
totally loved you!
I couldn't wait to see you again in Portland and you were just as nice as before. Thanks for being such a great inspiration to me and everyone else!

By the way, I featured your booth on my blog.


Gina Halladay said...

So good to meet you and Kevin. Your booth was beyond stunning! Your new patterns and fabrics were the talk of Quilt Market. Looking forward to "playing" with your fabrics. Let's work on a feature for when you catch your breath! I will let you know when I post your interview on You Tube and my blog. Cheers.
Gina Halladay