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Feb 20, 2011

New Fabric Collection

Pernilla's Journey is debuting this May... There are 3 colorways I will share with you beginning with this warm and cozy group I called 'Sweet Treats'. Watch for the other 2, they will surprise you!
Pernilla's Journey was inspired by a childhood book, Ms. Z... I used to read the book over and over again. Last time I remember the book I was about 9 or 10 living in Africa.
Well, we lost many childhood items when we moved to Canada in the early 1980s.. I guess just because we couldn't take much out of Zimbabwe... emigration laws. So recently, I reacquired the book and my 8 year old Mellie read it to me out loud... you can't imagine the memories and images this conjured up for me.  And so I took of on a journey myself and illustrated the story in fabric. I hope you enjoy, the parrot jungle, elephant run, unicorn herds and overall Chinoiserie take I seemed to inject into the collection. Enjoy.

Pernilla's Journey, Sweet Treats Colorway....
Inspired by
Miss. Z. The dark young lady by Angela Carter 1970

Feb 14, 2011

Cid Pear: Wedding LUXE: Chloe's Imagination

Cid Pear: Wedding LUXE: Chloe's Imagination: " The first in a series of our new bridal series we're calling Cid Pear LUXE because it is just that! Printed on 100% rag cotton paper, ..."

Feb 4, 2011

Haven's Edge

Available at your favorite fabric store....