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Mar 26, 2009

Free Quilt Pattern / Treetop Paver Quilt

The two latest collections, Treetop Fancy and Fairy Tip-Toes were featured in fabric shows in France, Spain and in Germany. They were received so well.... so much so that there is an upcoming show in Prague and one of the most simple quilts I did is being shown at the PRAGUE PATCHWORK MEETING and EXHIBITION in a few weeks... April 4th to be exact! They are featuring the quilt and creating kits.... wow! I thought you'd like to see. I have also added the quilt pattern to Free Patterns look on the left there, so hurry and get yourself one. Treetop can be found at any one of the stores listed and online at quilthome,, fatquartershop and more. I want to make this same quilt in the pinks and yellows... oh maybe in the Eggplant Souffle colorway! What do you think?
Yummy! PS this is a big square quilt... fab for picnics and fireworks watching in July here in the USA!

Mar 24, 2009

25% discount at

Quilt Home also now has TreeTop Fancy, and they have a special 25% off in stock fabrics and sewing patterns. That's awesome.... Check it out! Here

Mar 5, 2009

One of my favorite online shops is and they are currently featuring Treetop Fancy among other collections... wow, and do they do a great job of creating fabulous images... here's one of theirs... featuring my Clementine palette from Treetop.....
And visit for a free pattern we created for Treetop.... I had the same quilt at market in the Pink Papaya palette.... so pretty.... I mean this is a quilt that caused a few gasps... It's rich with color, and striking with large piece patchwork.... take a look! Free Quilt Pattern.