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Dec 16, 2011

NEW Fabric collection for next Christmas

I had to share! This is a great collection. And we will be sharing it with stores in January for July shipments! What do you think? PS Watch for the Christmas Ornaments and figurines I do with Dept 56... they have these characters! Merry Christmas

And for you traditionalists out there, there's an evergreen and scarlet version we know you will LOVE!

Happy Holidays

Dec 15, 2011

Cid Pear: NEW Bittersweet Designs available!

Cid Pear: NEW Bittersweet Designs available!: Bittersweet Designs Available on our Cid Pear retail site... Gorgeous and ready to ship. Drop ship available at no extr...

Dec 13, 2011

Cid Pear: A New Partnership

Cid Pear: A New Partnership: New for January 2012 We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with CR Gibson, a paper and licensing guru since the late 1800s......

Oct 25, 2011

Sewing Patterns Fall 2011

Apparel design for young girls...

Dress TG-K10502 Chakita Dress
Shirt TeaTime Medley, TG-K10508, Bizzie Coat TG-K10602 

Mel in Chakita Dress TG-K10502

Dress, Make a Wish TG-K10504

Hat and Shirt, TeaTime Medley TG-K10508
All designs shown in my new fabric collection, Lilliput Fields... from rustic burnt oranges and dark rich browns. And a brighter palette in eggplant, pinky pinks and soft yellows. All cotton apparel weight. The line also has a range of heavier cotton sateen for Home Dec and my Bag patterns... will share soon! Come see these at Quilt Market, and book your trunk show with these garments soon. Time slots are filling pre-holiday people!

Bittersweet Designs

Are these so lovely? As some of you know I am a big fan of Laurie Lenfestey's jewelry.. and we have been friends for a long while now. Mel and I recently went to one of her trunk shows right here in NC in a lovely store called DOVECOTE... 

As usual everything looked beautiful, classic and unique. So, I am excited to tell you I am going to share Laurie's work at market this week. I will be in Houston at the Quilt Market, and on display with my new apparel designs, quilts and oversized fun bags.... will be favorite pieces from Laurie's collection. If you are attending the show, come by and visit with me. Booth 1261 and 63....
More on market to follow!

Oct 11, 2011

Market is but a few weeks away

Hello my darlings.... Well since my last post I have refined the whole exhibit concept and it's changed just a tad! Of course you were expecting that right? Well the new concept is fresh, yet exotic, global and ancient, but new and current! Yikes how did I push all that together... but it's slowly coming together! Pics of the booth will be coming forth with!

Oh and I am talking about the upcoming trade show exhibit the International Quilt Show in Houston later this month.
We are in the middle of craziness and utter chaos. Freshly sewn items and quilts are coming in and out of the studio. It's a favorite time of mine although a bit more on the madness side this October!!!

So one of my sewing patterns is called MAKE A WISH for girls 4-9, and here my Amelia is modeling it in some of the new fabrics from the LILLIPUT FIELDS collection! This is the lighter side of the collection and I am thrilled to explore it's sense of humor!

She and Jonty are off school on holiday for an autumn break... 3 full weeks my dears, and yes prep for the booth and show, a photoshoot in Nashville for the Cid Pear catalog, and did I mention we're shipping out loads of sewing patterns this and next week. OMG people, can I keep it together with the two of them singing to Wii Idol at the top of their lungs (the studio is in the house)... not sure this is going to last too long!

Anyway, Mel baked the cookies from scratch... and then I asked her to model for me quick like! And of course she said "Why of course Mummy!" in her fake English accent. Mocking her mother to be sure! Isn't she darling!
The pattern is scruptious, roomy and a delight to make. It, among many other pieces from the Kids collections will be showing to the trade at Market in Houston. So stop by to schedule your trunk show!

TG-K10504 MAKE A WISH Sewing Pattern

Jul 27, 2011


Well it has been a while since I blogged. I get stuck sometimes because I have so much on my plate, sometimes it's difficult to become inspirational about what to blog. And then I thought well, maybe you'd be interested in what I am so busy with.

 Among many projects right now and I'll get to those. I received 30 bolts of the cotton substrates for my newest fabric collection LILLIPUT FIELDS. This collection will ship to stores in the fall. In the meantime (and usually I get fabrics 4 weeks prior to a launch) I create a 'launch' plan to show off the fabrics to fabric stores nationwide and worldwide. Twice a year, manufacturers and designers like myself exhibit at the International Quilt Market. This is a large trade show where stores come to view what's new. They make appointments with the manufacturers and actually place orders. The next one coming up is the annual Houston event in October. At this show I will be sharing Lilliput Fields.
It's quite an endeavor and we'll go through the projects in a series of blog entries. Please comment on the blog and share, because you will be entered into monthly drawings for fabric give aways.
So let me briefly outline the plan.

THE FABRIC collection
itself inspires the theme. Lilliput Fields is a mix of exotic and far off fantasy designs, reflecting a global take on ancient weaving, tapestry and design. I started with the ancient Suzani tapestry which is an ancient tribal textile from central Asian countries. This is an example of a Suzani embroidery. I particularly love the disks of embroidery pattern and thus started sketching out my own versions.

Here's my version of the Suzani for the collection... and it comes in 3 colors. Sundapple, Violet and this one is chocolate!

OK, moving on. I also love the whole IKAT thing, another ancient tribal textile... from many cultures from Southern America, Central Asia and even African tribes. The textile was dyed playing with the weft and warp of the threads of a weave... thus achieving that rough edge of the design. See this old version...
And so I scribbled to create a similar effect for printed fabrics... here's mine...

So all that with a hint of victorian flavored florals...

So, 10 designs in all... here is the colorway I call Sunset Morgan.
So we have this decadent mix of pattern in rich hues. The others are a yellow I call Sun Flecked and Morning Dew.

So added to this lot, is the home dec fabrics. I chose just 3 of the designs,

in cotton sateen which is a beautiful heavy weight home decorator cotton.  Nice to make bags with by the way!
So that's the fabric ~ what does it conjure up? I feel global, culture rich, but I also see old and ancient, cobwebs ~ ooh maybe an old storage room filled with textiles and old furniture. We could upholster the furniture, make large exotic cushions and mattresses, how about a headboard... large oversized quilts. Ooh what about a large screen for the walls... or leaning up along one wall. I like that!

 An old lantern... beaded. Hey you guys this is working for me... so let's make our list thus far!
I have to think about the floor too...

SPACE IS 20x10
• Global = lanterns, tassels, embroidery,
• Culture = costume,... need more here! Asian newspapers or printed papyrus... hmmmm
• Flowers = orchids, leaves (although we are in an ancient storage room?) any ideas?
• Porcelain garden stool
• Asian cabinet - oh I have one! It's sort of a cupboard. We can open it and have fabrics, quilts in it!
• I have an Indian head, not on me but on my mantel. Can use that yes?
• Ancient Chinese vase (hmm)
• Some old prints, like dressed up monkeys... or florals...
• quilts... better get crackin'
• furniture pieces, i have an old little chair would be great, need another piece, like a little sofa of some sort... headboard
• lantern chandelier - I saw the most amazing piece at the Atlanta show. I would make it of course... yes I am ambitious about this piece (my little antennae went up on my head... beware beware Tina's going crazy)... anyway, if I can find a skeleton frame I can go from there...
• cushions, mattresses? definitely the large cushions and poofs. tassels..
• the screen... I shall send Kev to Home Depo for the wood pieces... he's going to be so pleased (lol)

Alright, so we have our initial list. I have one big issue. How do we display the current sewing patterns and finished garments and bags. Well, they'll be splattered about. Oh and I can do a display in the Westminster booth... please Nancy!

OK, so let me know your thoughts, and we shall go from there. In the meantime I'll start gathering the pieces and sketching the quilts.


May 18, 2011


I fell in love with this designer while visiting the National Stationery Show in NY. So much so I am inspired to create with paper. How delicious and I purchased a piece from her that is so extraordinary I can't take it.

May 10, 2011

New Handbag Patterns

Well I've been at it and I think you will likee. I love all 3 new bag patterns which are going to be available in the next few weeks. Using my new Pernilla's Journey fabrics I had a ball making these up. I named each of the 3 after 3 of my special aunts. Sukie, Moira and Fortiny. All gorgeous, talented and strong women... I adore them and can't tell you how much they have played a role in my life.

Let me know what you think and keep watching as we load them up. First seen here~

Fortiny Bag

Sukie Tote

Moira Duffel

May 7, 2011

A brilliant concept. I need to design furniture....

I stumbled on this collection recently, and it blew my head off. I am inspired.... Here's a taste!
The whole mix of vintage and fabric is divine, n'est pas? I need to design a line like this. I love it, I think my fabrics would be superb and what a fun project. These pieces are from a small design firm called BOKJA, and they created these for THE QUIRICO COMPANY....

Apr 26, 2011

Pernilla's Journey Sweet Quilt

Check out Ellen Maxwell's work... she whipped this quilt up today and sent me a pic! Using my new fabric collection Pernilla's Journey in the black and pink palette I call Licorice Cloud. I am so thrilled I thought I'd share! Isn't she talented. I am hoping to have this as a freeby quilt for you guys... we shall see! I can't wait to see it in person. PS she used the cotton/linens for the quilt! Wonder what she used for the back, and what pray tell will she use for the binding!  Omygosh! This will be on display at Quilt Market next month in Salt Lake City!

Apr 22, 2011

E-Sewing Patterns

I am creating a slew of online downloadable sewing patterns and having a blast. I have been designing like a madwoman of recent months and created a host of infant, toddler and adult apparel. So they will be loading onto the website for fun easy downloadable fun for a short time. Then will go on sale at a nominal fee of $5.99 each. Just download, print out the 8.5x11 pages and gather them together, tape em together according to the directions and whalah you have a new sewing pattern. At a fraction of the cost of paper sewing patterns, it's worthwhile the extra time. And it takes no time really. If you're like me I am an 'instant gratification' girl - so finding something cute and fun, being able to download it in minutes and able to sew it that day without leaving the house is just amazing.

The only question is whether you have a stash of your favorite fabric finds available for cutting. All new sewing patterns are being created in my recent Haven's Edge fabric collection and my new Pernilla's Journey, which is delightful, delicious-o and oh my favorite right now!
  For a quick hint, the first two infant patterns to go up include a super little outfit I call LITTLE NAARTJIE (pronounced NAR-T-GEE)... you'll have to download the pattern to find out what it means. And if you do know what it means, comment here for a chance to win fabric.... fabric and more fabric from the new collections. And then there's Mush Mush Girl, which is a sweet little smock dress with a center front pocket... too cute and you'll want one for the little baby girl in your life.
Jodhpur breeches for baby... yes of course and why not. They are darling, easy and oh so couture.... I call these Saddle Brooks... for riding on dad's knee they're the perfect baby wardrobe item! Oh yes indeed!

Alright I promise pictures and more soon... remember to comment for a quick win at some fabric!


ps Happy Easter weekend to all

Mar 22, 2011

Beatrice Dress

I recently stumbled on this dress made in my Beatrice fabric from the Annabella collection. Designer is Kelsey Genna. 
Kelsey Genna is a handmade label based in New Zealand. Independently run with all garments being made to measure and in limited quantities. All pieces are sold exclusively through the KG Online Boutique. Kelsey, is a mere 19 years old and recently graduated with a degree in Fashion Design. Well done Kelsey and all the very best wishes and luck for your future. You have a bright one - and not just because you used my fabric in your collection! Gorgeous pics to, see Kelsey's stuff at


Crumpets in design for 2012

So inspired by those vintage shoes I recreated them for a holiday ornament collection I am working on. They're not quite where they need to be but thought it would be fun to share the inspiration and the painting bit. I may take these shoes even further down the fantasy Christmas theme... we shall see.
The figurine ideas are fun, my favorite is yes, the flying pig with his little friend Mr. Chipmunk on his back.  The tiny bunny in the center there is too cute, she's a bit on the small side for you to see but she's precious.

Mar 14, 2011

Cid Pear: Pink Packages

Cid Pear: Pink Packages: "Photos by OLIVER SCHWARTZWALD are incredibly complicated and divine. These three are probably the most simplistic of his photographs....."

Mar 3, 2011

Shoe Inspiration

So in the beginnings of Cid Pear stationery, I painted many shoes and handbags... And they were modern and hip and current and fab! And when shoe stationery was in they did well. Over the years they have waned and we get very few orders for shoe stationery... So recently was asked to design a new shoe collection for one of my special licensor clients who shall be nameless for now... not for paper but for a new gift program.... and I thought 'WHAT?' no passe.. n'est pas?
So I dabbled about online and found I was, naturally, drawn to VINTAGE shoes. Big surprise.... so in gathering all these little gems I started to get excited and have begun sketching based on the above inspiration panel! Are they not delicious! Who doesn't love shoes and who doesn't love vintage shoes? I must return to my painting desk right away... enjoy these for now, but wait and see their transformation into Tina'er-ism! 
Maybe we should have a fabric of shoes? Yes? or No?

Mar 2, 2011

Exterior space color

Thinking of painting the new studio exterior this turquoise? Thoughts?


Found on

Feb 20, 2011

New Fabric Collection

Pernilla's Journey is debuting this May... There are 3 colorways I will share with you beginning with this warm and cozy group I called 'Sweet Treats'. Watch for the other 2, they will surprise you!
Pernilla's Journey was inspired by a childhood book, Ms. Z... I used to read the book over and over again. Last time I remember the book I was about 9 or 10 living in Africa.
Well, we lost many childhood items when we moved to Canada in the early 1980s.. I guess just because we couldn't take much out of Zimbabwe... emigration laws. So recently, I reacquired the book and my 8 year old Mellie read it to me out loud... you can't imagine the memories and images this conjured up for me.  And so I took of on a journey myself and illustrated the story in fabric. I hope you enjoy, the parrot jungle, elephant run, unicorn herds and overall Chinoiserie take I seemed to inject into the collection. Enjoy.

Pernilla's Journey, Sweet Treats Colorway....
Inspired by
Miss. Z. The dark young lady by Angela Carter 1970