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Jan 15, 2009


FAIRY TIP-TOES is glorious... I have been working with the collection now for a while.... the large panel is a yard long by 44" wide and it is F. U. N. I designed backing fabrics to match.... never too matchy matchy, the fabrics are a nice compliment to the larger panel. Designing the panels were fine until I realized that all that artwork had to be contained in a maximum # of colors... 16 to be exact... so each unit had to be carefully marked with color chips.... Through the approval process with the mill I questioned my sanity in creating the panels. And if you know textile design, if I didn't like one color in the acquas, if I made that change everything in the panel would change.... yeowsa! But thankfully it worked!
This one I named Meranda.... she's so colorful and pretty. Check out the other two - Ella in soft pinks and Persephone - in violet and soft yellow.
The panels I use in clothing for kids.... use them in dresses - talk about coversation starters! More pics coming.... In my upcoming book I used 'Ella' and created a perfect little top, called 'Annie's Top'... with fun and full frilly sleeves and unexpected collar!
Check out the other panels on, HERE.

The collection has shipped so check for it. A few online stops:
The Quilted Castle
Sew Mama Sew
Sweet Peas and Angels

Georgina and Zazu

Working with my own fabrics is an interesting thing.... We work with one collection at a time (well sometimes two at a time), and right now it's new Treetop and Fairy Tip-Toes. I get so acquainted with the fabrics from inception, through the design process, and onto the arduous production process through revisions and finally months later the finished yardage! Then we get to play, cut and have fun with my new little friends! Or children, which is a little odd, but true!
Well, a funny thing has happened.... I am constantly reminded of my older collections through projects, bolts in the studio and images I have.... but I actually miss working with them..... I spend weeks and weeks with them, and oh well onto the new....
Well I thought I'd share a few of my favorites...... Zazu and Georgina..... I selected the ones I had most fun working with.... Please visit them, and maybe collect them too - visit and see them all waiting to sit on your fabric stash shelf... awaiting a project or two!
Let me know which you choose!
My best this cold wintery day to you and you and you!