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Oct 26, 2009

Olivia's Holiday - more colors

These blues remind me of that pool side evening... the kind when you have a few close friends or family lingering around, the day has been long and fun, you've all had a little too much sun. And now it's that final cocktail hour at sunset before you settle down to a meal of some sort! The sun is going down and all the pinks and blues of the sky are starting to gel into one darker tint of smokey gray! "Let's have a Mint Julep and some tapas for eats?" Bring the soft cushions and quilts out to lounge about!

Then there's my favorite... Pink is my thing! What can I tell you. This is not just any pink palette, and certainly not for the meek minded... A delicious array of pinks and lemon yellows with a rich gray slate and oh, a touch of fuchsia just to mess with ya.... This is that mix of afternoon nap and a great book to doze with... but just enough color to keep your mind free to wonder! What are you thinking?
Let me know what your favorite color group is in my latest fabric collection!


wishes, true and kind said...

All three colorways are fabulous! Who could choose?!?! So it will probably have to be one of each!

Amy S. Norris said...

oh my goodness, i could EAT UP sunset walk! i also like the browns/yellows/pinks (i forgot to look at names) bc it reminds me of the treetop fancy that i have on my fall line that customers have been going nuts over.

definitely going to be ordering some for spring line. i LOVE it and know my tina givens fans will too!

Veronica said...

These are absolutely gorgeous! I like the pink, lime, and brown up top. When will they be available and where can I buy?

Scarlette said...

i love your "setting comments", poolside and afternoon. my favorite colors and you did a marvelous job with them. the pink looks like pink and chocolate to me, what could be better and i love that aqua. more gotta have fabric for me.

CathyB said...

My favorite color group - OMG I love them ALL - why do I have to pick ; p