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Oct 25, 2009

Lil' Dresses & my daughter!

I am mad for creating fun eclectic little visions for little girls.... My Amelia is 7 going on 21! She's an old soul, and although she models for me beautifully, she is completely not a fashionista, funcky chic (she told me so) or anything to do with unusual clothing. When she was 2, 3 even 4 and 5 she'd wear almost anything I put on her, and she loved it! Now, she has, well, a mind of her own and will only wear bright neon leggings and crazy t-shirts, a baseball cap in watermelon raspberry and maybe a pair of boots! Usually it's Nike runners or something absolutely not ok with me! Where does she get this stuff? Well I buy it for her naturally, because that's what she wants to wear. I do grit my teeth, but I believe, she's got to wear her own thing! Express her own individuality not mine! Eek, where does that leave me in designing for little girls! Well, I know I can design fun couture and extraordinary shapes for toddlers and slightly older, but six and up maybe not! Unless they were like me and always wore something mad! Madness I created myself I might add!

In the end! I am so very proud and happy to have an independent daughter who's as stubborn and maddening as ever! A little girl who expresses herself clearly! And I am lucky enough to be her mom! A little gushy I know, but all true!


wishes, true and kind said...

LOL -- I always said the same thing about my daughter. Whatever her age, she was always going on 21. (She will actually be 21 in December :).
It's so great that you are letting your daughter express herself and find her own style. And she is gorgeous! I love the pictures of her in your clothing -- there is a quiet grace about her that is older than her years. And then there is the spunky side of her in her colorful gear. What fun! You're only young once :).

Arantxa said...

Es preciosa tu hija y la beautiful your baby and the dress