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Dec 12, 2009

Goldbug Studio

Today, Amelia and I had the pleasure of visiting a local artist, Ashley Carter! Ashley's business, Goldbug Studio Collection is housed in a wonderful old building which used to mend old firetrucks. You drive up and the white washed brick building is highlighted with a perfect acqua blue garage door (which leads into her warehouse). Around the corner we went to discover a perfect courtyard leading into a double glass garage door entrance to her showroom. For those of you who don't know what Ashley does, well she creates these one of a kind embellished, mixed-media pieces that are absolutely fantasy like in their vintage millinery florals, papers, tinsel and art... You can't believe the amount of work that goes into these creations! Detailed crowns for birthdays, bridal, Christmas or just because. Incredible ornaments I couldn't resist... and fairy tale boxes that boggle ones mind! She's a genius and her lovely art is available worldwide. This is truly a woman who has maintained her own personal creative integrity within a commercial and demanding main stream world. Just look at the crown above. This is actually a holiday tree topper... available at Anthropologie....
So thank you Ashley for a delightful afternoon. My Amelia was granted a beautiful Goldbug wand with which she cast good wishes all the way home.

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