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Feb 25, 2008

Cloth Paper Scissors

Oh what fun it is to be published... So right on the front cover is a little sneak peek at my 'Sherbert Girl Necklaces'.... Whew wee... I open the mag, and there on page 66 (clickity-click) is my stiff self... I hate photos of me you see. And then a series of perfect pictures taken at the International Quilt Show in October last year. This is my booth where I stand all day long and simply visit with stores, publishers, designers... It's a nice time to rest actually after months of pre-show prep work. I am very hands on and so have calused fingers... I LOVE IT! The pictures in the article show the kids clothing (by the way sewing patterns are in the works for all of this)... Back to the article, I turn the page and one of those sweet hangars I created for the kids clothing is beautifully photographed along with one of my hand-made tassels. Oh, I must make a pattern for these tassels... And then the article goes on with pics and my instructions for the Sherbert Girl Necklaces! So go pick one up or go online to Cloth Paper Scissors to subscribe. You're going to love this pub! Collage, art, scrapbooking, jewelry, 3-dimensional art and much more. It's like art and handmade on steroids...

Ok, so also look at the inside back cover. That lovely lady is called "Luv"... isn't she cute? This is actually, a Free-Motion Applique sewing project Cloth Paper Scissors' sister magazine and TV Show is using for an online Quilting Arts Festival. Whew that was a mouthful. You'll see my smiling mug sitting at a desk illustrating how to create "Luv" out of fabric. It's a very innovative online video-class you can take in the comfort of your home. A brain-child of Quilting Arts Editor, the fabulous Pokey Bolton. Anyway, I was invited to participate in the event, and now Luv is going to be available to everyone. Note: Luv is one lady in a series for my stationery collection called EFFERVESCENT. Here's Luv on paper ~ she's available at online. I also do a lady with a cup of tea and two laughable girlfriends holding their cocktails... A very fun sewing project. So check out Quilting Arts festival, I hope to see you there!


Dot said...

Hi Tina

So pleased to find your blog! I have recently developed a fabric addiction and fell in love with your latest fabric ranges. Have bought lots of your fabric online.

Your designs and color choices inspire me SO much! So much in fact I have decided to design and sell some of my art dolls and I am sure I will use LOTS of your fabric in them!

Your art and designs are wonderful.

Dot (from Australia)

Dot said...

P.S And congratulations on your article in CPS. I have the latest copy on order and look forward to reading your article!

Alma Art said...

Hi Tina,

Your creativity is inspiring! I enjoyed the article about you in CPS. I wish you much success!



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