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Mar 8, 2008

Sleepy Afternoon Quilt Pattern

Especially for Chloe!
I am chomping at the bit for my sample yardage from the mill... Chloe's Imagination is on its way in final form and I just can't wait. So, today I literally ran into my favorite local quilt shop, (between my 5 year olds gymnastics, checking in at the Cid Pear studios, and of course saturdays are meant for shoe shopping) Quilts Like Crazy (Wake Forest NC) where I thoroughly enjoy chatting with shop owner, Nancy and her lovely daughters; and of course, again, I was wowed by the amazing quilts hanging around the shop.
The dilemma for me as a fabric artist is basically, how to show off the fabrics in quilt form without cutting too deeply into the fabrics. The truth is, I want to show off the art and design, but also their glorious pattern and color combinations in delicious patchwork. It's sort of ironic, no?

Anyhoo, with all of that in mind, and CHLOE'S IMAGINATION due in shortly, I have been working on a series of quilt designs for the show, and thought I'd share with you. I created this design especially for Chloe's Imagination, and I chose the Marigold Palace colorway. I love it so much, I can't wait to try it in the lavender and browns too; and oh, the Pink Veranda colors are vibrant in girly pink, chartreuse gold and luscious swimming pool blue... just you wait! So, here's an image of the quilt I called "Sleepy Afternoon". It reminds me of a hammock and a shady spot, with the bees and the birds fluttering about. It's a simple quilt using a very easy 3 part block, and a plain square. And a lovely accent for the border and that tiny square... So here it is, tell me what you think... feel free to down load the pattern HERE.


Monica Mondragon said...

I'm glad you's lovely.

RLDM said...

I adore this pattern. Thank you so much - your work is simply inspirational!

Alexandra said...

Hi Tina,

I'm just working on this really nice pattern with your fabrics. As I'm a beginner in quilting, it would be nice if you could recommend a quilting pattern for beginner for this nice quilt.

Thanks a lots in advance!

Alex said...

Goodness, there is so much useful information above!