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Feb 2, 2008


I design clothing, and I especially have fun designing and making clothing for kids. I have a 5 year old twins, and as babies through their toddler years, they were always dressed in the little duds I created for them. (Side note: Now that they're 5 nothing I make will do.... it's what the other kids are wearing and that's that...Oh my... ) So, I relished in designing and creating a collection for the fabric trade show last market, without boundaries. Using my own fabric collections...
I used a mix of the Zazu and Georgina fabric lines, and a touch of Bamboo from the Tropics collection. Well, when it came to hanging the little outfits, I had planned to use these wonderful wooden hangars I'd saved. But when I hung the clothes, the hangars seemed drab... so I created my very own hangars and they worked beautifully. They were easy and so very cute...

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Sabii Wabii said...

I just saw your article. It is wonderful. Beautiful art and great photos!
I love the eclectic whimsey in your designs.