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Jan 8, 2012

POSH s u n d r e s s / TG-A6003

POSH s u n d r e s s / TG-A6003

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Download the pattern and then tell me what you think. You don't have to make it, just look over it and tell me your thoughts!

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Andrea said...

I like the dress and would like to make one for my daughter. The pattern looks easy enough for me to modify it to fit her. Thanks for the pattern. I think I'll look into making it in the orange and watermelon colors.

Jacqui said...

It's cute! I'd need more shaping in the bodice to emphasise my waist and minimise the boobs, but I like the halter and the maxi length. I've been debating trying a maxi so this might be it! Love the fabric in the photo but the watermelon/orange combo would probably be my choice!

Jacqui said...

P.S. The pattern itself looks great - yay for not having to print out 50 pages! Good instructions too and so pleased to see it goes up to my bust size :)

Jenelle said...

I like the illustrations in the instructions and the conversational tone of the directions. I also like that you were able to get the pattern down to only a handful of pages. The dress itself looks stunning and very comfortable. :)

Liz Mouse said...

I like this dress pattern a lot. The halter style would help it stay on better than strapless style maxi-dresses and the cut is flattering to your shoulders and arms. The instructions make it seem do-able for many sewers! If I made this, I could see myself wearing it to chase kids around the playground by day then I'd just change into cuter shoes and some fun earrings for a date night with my husband! I love earth tones so I'd pick the orange and watermelon.

liz at mommysaidsew dot com

VickiT said...

I've downloaded this three times now and the "Get it all Instructions" are giving an error.

SouthernBabies said...

I love the dress. It's absolutely beautiful. would love to make one of these. I love the maxi length. (I couldnt get the pattern link to open though)

labriek said...

I recently downloaded this pattern and so far it has been easy to make. The instructions are clear and the pictures help. I found some great purple fabrics on clearance at Hancock Fabric and I can't wait to wear this! I am planning on making another one in oranges and pinks.