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Jan 5, 2012

new fabric collection: PAGODA LULLABY

I can't wait to get my hands on this collection when it finally arrives. I am designing a whole range of sewing patterns around this collection for both children and adults!
It's time for some new bags too... so watch for news on that.

I called it Pagoda Lullaby because I was in a very happy far off adventure reminiscent of oversized fauna, large comfy furniture with massive pompom trimmed cushions, the wavy sea and the Pagoda overlooking the private garden... with light voile curtains waving in the breeze! Ohhh, let's make all of these things shall we? And oh ~ decidedly joyful color palettes to choose from. Deep red grenadine and chocolate; morning garden brights and wine country fields! Lucious!
The line comes in cotton, voile and heavy cotton sateen (for those massive cushions of course!)


PAGODA LULLABY: Morning Garden



Karen ~ lillybelle designs said...

Love this collection! The palettes are very soft and soothing. Looking forward to their arrival in quilt shops and on-line!

SouthernBabies said...

Beautiful collection. I love the greens, wine, pinks, oranges. Very beautiful. Can't wait to scoop up some of this.

Buy Fabrics Online said...

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