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Dec 16, 2011

NEW Fabric collection for next Christmas

I had to share! This is a great collection. And we will be sharing it with stores in January for July shipments! What do you think? PS Watch for the Christmas Ornaments and figurines I do with Dept 56... they have these characters! Merry Christmas

And for you traditionalists out there, there's an evergreen and scarlet version we know you will LOVE!


deb lewis said...

Oh my, I am so glad I enlarged the prints and really saw what is truly in the picture, now to start making plans for this awesome fabric. I can't imagine the time and passion it takes to get what is in your heart and soul to to this and other choices you create. Thank you

Karen ~ lillybelle designs said...

I can't believe how excited I am about Christmas when Christmas just ended! This fabric collection is to die for....can't wait until July. My mind will be racing with tons of sewing ideas for this gorgeous collection. Thank you..thank you!

SouthernBabies said...

OH My! those are absolutely beautiful. I love CHristmas/holidayfabrics any time of the year. and these are absolutely gorgeous. I love it when Christmas fabrics use different color palettes than the traditional reds and greens. I love the whimsy of thise collection. Can not wait to get these.