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Oct 11, 2011

Market is but a few weeks away

Hello my darlings.... Well since my last post I have refined the whole exhibit concept and it's changed just a tad! Of course you were expecting that right? Well the new concept is fresh, yet exotic, global and ancient, but new and current! Yikes how did I push all that together... but it's slowly coming together! Pics of the booth will be coming forth with!

Oh and I am talking about the upcoming trade show exhibit the International Quilt Show in Houston later this month.
We are in the middle of craziness and utter chaos. Freshly sewn items and quilts are coming in and out of the studio. It's a favorite time of mine although a bit more on the madness side this October!!!

So one of my sewing patterns is called MAKE A WISH for girls 4-9, and here my Amelia is modeling it in some of the new fabrics from the LILLIPUT FIELDS collection! This is the lighter side of the collection and I am thrilled to explore it's sense of humor!

She and Jonty are off school on holiday for an autumn break... 3 full weeks my dears, and yes prep for the booth and show, a photoshoot in Nashville for the Cid Pear catalog, and did I mention we're shipping out loads of sewing patterns this and next week. OMG people, can I keep it together with the two of them singing to Wii Idol at the top of their lungs (the studio is in the house)... not sure this is going to last too long!

Anyway, Mel baked the cookies from scratch... and then I asked her to model for me quick like! And of course she said "Why of course Mummy!" in her fake English accent. Mocking her mother to be sure! Isn't she darling!
The pattern is scruptious, roomy and a delight to make. It, among many other pieces from the Kids collections will be showing to the trade at Market in Houston. So stop by to schedule your trunk show!

TG-K10504 MAKE A WISH Sewing Pattern

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