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Mar 3, 2011

Shoe Inspiration

So in the beginnings of Cid Pear stationery, I painted many shoes and handbags... And they were modern and hip and current and fab! And when shoe stationery was in they did well. Over the years they have waned and we get very few orders for shoe stationery... So recently was asked to design a new shoe collection for one of my special licensor clients who shall be nameless for now... not for paper but for a new gift program.... and I thought 'WHAT?' no passe.. n'est pas?
So I dabbled about online and found I was, naturally, drawn to VINTAGE shoes. Big surprise.... so in gathering all these little gems I started to get excited and have begun sketching based on the above inspiration panel! Are they not delicious! Who doesn't love shoes and who doesn't love vintage shoes? I must return to my painting desk right away... enjoy these for now, but wait and see their transformation into Tina'er-ism! 
Maybe we should have a fabric of shoes? Yes? or No?


Anonymous said...

I was just working on one of the patterns from your book (the Lounge suit, boys version) and I had a minor problem and I wanted to let you know. I found that although the pants fit my daughter in every other way the crouch was much to short. My daughter is a tiny little thing with pretty standard measurements and even the larger size seemed a bit short. Just thought I would mention it so you know. :) I adore the book by the way! I'm currently making brookies and necklaces for my daughter as well.

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