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Apr 23, 2010

SEW TINA ~ a peek at a few images from the book

Yesterday I received the color proofs of my book, SEW TINA! to review. I saw pdfs to correct a few weeks ago but getting the pages in glossy paper stock with all those beautiful images just made it that much more yummy!

The photography throughout is extraordinary... The photographer Lynne Harty has posted a new blog which you should see. She's an amazingly talented lady and someone I like very much.... she and her lovely assistant Melissa were gems... read a little in her blog and see more pictures from the book on her blog here.

The pic here on the left is an image that sadly did not make the book... I had way too many projects of course so we had to cut them. However, we will have them available for you online..... this here is the Tea Time Tent. A lovely little idea for quiet time for your little reader. As you know I am a big tea and crumpet person, so of course she's having a 'cuppa'.

Visit Lynne on her blog, she's a talented lady!

Photo courtesy of Lynne Harty Photography © All rights are reserved


Trish said...

How exciting! That little tea tent is precious Tina, I am so excited for your book! I will go check out Lynne's site now :) Happy weekend to you! XOXO

Melissa Stramel said...

I'll have to check this out. I saw you on Quilting Arts yesterday. I think it was an older one. But I LOVED the pillows! Will you be at market? I'd love to meet you in person.

Paula Prass said...

Hi Tina, I haven't seen you in a very long time, so thought I'd hop over here to catch up with your busy world. Congrats on the book and I couldn't even put my head around you and EVERYTHING brought to a halt because of the volcano.

Will I see you in October in Houston? Hope so. xoxo

Tina Givens said...

Thanks Trish.... I know, I want that tent.... Melissa, I love those pillows too... thinking about posting free downloads on the site for the silhouettes. And Paula - hey girl! I will be in Houston and I am exhibiting in Minnesota too. Yeah, that Volcanic 'Ash-Hole'... eeek.
Kisses to you all... see you in Houston PP!

i love love said...

it's always been my dream to be able to write something im passionate about..and it flatters more if someone reads it and will benefit from that would show that one was able to work well at something..and i congratulate you for your book..nice photo by the way