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Apr 16, 2010

The Postcard for the show

For every show I do we produce a lovely postcard type piece of literature for visitors to the booth or to pass along... It's a small piece of the whole presentation, but it's a vital one. Here's my marketing hat back on... That's my daughter right there. She's my model, my muse and my inspiration for many of the clothing I design for little girls. You have seen this face and will continue to see it for some time to come. She's growing up too fast... I adore creating apparel and fun things for children, it's way too much fun! And for how much longer is she going to tolerate me dressing her up. She's an athlete like her two brothers, and usually will not wear anything I make... boo hoo!
Anyway, here she is, and for most shows I do she's there looking right back at me every step of the way.

The front of the postcard features prints and art from 'Olivia's Holiday' fabric collection, and on the backside, we focused on the new collection about to debut in May, Opal Owl; the book slated for October and the sewing patterns which are now available all over the world... including Paris and Nantes where I will be showing and teaching the workshops.
By the way, I frame each postcard we do with my Amelia posted on the front side.

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