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Apr 20, 2008

An update of show prep

As you know I am prepping for the upcoming spring QUILT MARKET in Portland Oregon, May 08. And the countdown is on. As a designer for WESTMINSTER FREE SPIRIT, fellow designers like Kaffe Fassett and Amy Butler have set the standard for lovely award winning booths, displays and more importantly their quilts and sewn finished pieces... How does one compete with astounding Kaffe Fassett quilts? Last year the very talented newcomer, Joel Dewberry was awarded Best New Booth, and I must be immodest and tell you with pride, our lovely booth, Tina Givens, won Best New Exhibitor in Fall of last year. This year, fellow designers including Anna Maria Horner are prepping perfect and colorful and creative displays for their fabric collections... so we're all in this lovely competitive environment vying for shop buyers', licensees, and publishers' attentions. Eeeek. It's all very exciting. Set-up is fun but every one is quietly peeking at each others incoming walls, floor coverings, accessories and of course the quilts and sewn projects... What is truly amazing and to the credit of the big guns at Westminster Fiber, is the fact that we, the designers are all so different. So although we stand with a smile side by side there in some degree of competition, and in the end we smile broadly because we know we are all so different and so uniquely gifted with different ideas and designs and flavor. So one shop can easily buy fabrics from each of us knowing that each will have it's very own personality, none look alike. Publishers can interview and have very unique stories and images for each of us... Friendly competition is a lovely thing! It keeps us on our toes and it serves for a friendly and social environment, because it's also the time we all get together from all parts of the globe and share a drink, a laugh and a sigh of thanks to be together!
Shown above is a small section of a quilt top made for the show in Chloe's Imagination (in Pink Veranda colors).

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