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Aug 10, 2017

Rich Fall Inspiration!

I have not been here for quite some time. Wow life has been busy! I am exploring new adventures in sewing all of the time, and recently partnered with a lovely lady. She's busy reviewing the sewing patterns one by one with a fine toothed comb to revisit, add, correct and otherwise make TG patterns poifect!

We have an astounding 120 sewing patterns so we are reviewing the best sellers, and reviewing not so much.. We plan to discontinue printing certain titles but keep them available as downloads for those who wish to purchase. Our audience grows daily and we have noticed a much younger sewer coming on board and making clothes for themselves. Love this and so creating a new collection for the not-so-lagenwear customer. These projects will be simple, inspired by haute couture and always injected with a little unexpected construction and idea. Yay! If you follow our OLIVIA KLUE board on PINTEREST you will get an idea of this new range.

In the meantime I have been working on some yummy new ideas. See the above inspiration board! I am choosing soft natural fibers, jersey knits, the amazing CLARA Coat for sure, a TG signature piece, rich tapestry and texture, and a few simple bags for extra measure. What do you think?

In the meantime watch SEWTG, sign up for newsletter news for new patterns to debut shortly.

So stay tuned, engage with me here, and I will share some tutorial action and answer questions you may have.
Hugs from me!

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