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Jul 17, 2010

Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles

Kev and I are here in Los Angeles, multitasking various projects as usual. Between watching our oldest in his last club soccer National Finals, reviewing Biscuit and Poppet, my clothing collection with reps and stores here, visiting my favorite stationers here who carry my stationery lines including Cid Pear (one of whom I actually bumped into at a restaurant here in Santa Monica (at Ivy at the Shore no less)... how weird to bump into someone you know in the middle of LA....
Regarding kid style.....      The kids in Los Angeles (and I am sure along all the west coast in varying degrees) definitely have their very own west coast style. They are little stylish fashion divas with the most amazing sense of self. I wonder where this comes from? It's got to be an environmental thing, not the green kind but the social kind. Women here are short skirts or jeans, the highest platform shoes possible, hair messy and a lot of ponytails and strappy tops. No shyness about those busts or legs let me tell you! I have not seen a pair of Khaki shorts or pants for that matter!
Now the kids are in bright brilliant color, lots of little dresses and loose long hair! Layering of tanks and skirts, some in leggings although it's quite hot here this weekend.

Yesterday we drove through a shopping area in Los Angeles on Larchmont Boulevard, between Melrose Avenue and  and 1st street. The LB Association strive to maintain their village within a city.... and it is truly quaint and perfectly lined with shop after shop for clothing, home, salons and spas, with a homey down to earth feeling.... We dropped in to see an old customer of mine for stationery, Landis Gifts and Stationery... part of an old General Store, Edie Frere has a perfect little spot dedicated to stationery, invitations and giftware. Edie has been carrying my stationery lines including Cid Pear for many years now. After many giggles and discussion of the paper industry we headed off to visit FLICKA, the cutest little kids apparel and home dec shop ever. The tiny little shop was chockablock of apparel for infant to young girls, as old as 12 or 13 when they start refusing to shop at boutiques like this one! Darling for kids and wonderfully packed with customers looking for outfits for their little stylish divas.... and  little dudes. Labels seemed to be either local designers, Mimi and Me for one, Left Bank Babies of course and more; and of course some bigger brands too, but mostly the little home spun designers which is glorious to me.
For those store owners or thinking of a retail space.... This was an ordinary tiny long space which the Flicka owners creatively turned into a sweet and homey little space loaded with shelves, wood wracks of clothing, an island for hanging apparel and space for toys, puzzles, accessories and more. Butterfly mobiles hung everywhere. The ceiling was my favorite though. They placed beams into the ceiling creating artificial rafters meeting at the center point of the ceiling! The store was so busy I didn't take a picture, but so very clever indeed. Sort of amazing that by adding a simple architectural detail one can completely create a unique environment with personality!
I didn't approach Flicka owners who were busy with their customers but this would be a perfect store for Biscuit and Poppet.
For those of you who live in the LA area or are traveling through with grandkids or kids to buy for, stop by Flicka at 204 N Larchmont, grab a smoothie, see Edie at Landis at 138 N Larchmont for stationery and maybe a gift or two for friends back home. Don't forget the book store, Cottage Antiques at 562 N, and of course Crumbs Bake Shop at 216. Yummmmm......

Today is the Gift Show here in LA at the moment, The Apparel Mart and of course visit with a few fabric shops here who carry my fabrics....

Did I mention, our flight was canceled on the 2nd portion of our trip, and so were bumped to another airline, and of course the luggage was lost until this morning when it finally arrived 2 full days and 2 nights later!? Needless to say medication had to be reordered and picked up, early shopping for clothing... and cosmetics. I will not be packing my cosmetics and meds in my luggage again.

Missing the kids, we have another soccer game (final game) tonight at 5pm so wish the boys luck. The last game was so exciting they even had me jumping up and down and screeching. Something I don't ever do...... lol

Ok walk on the beach time..... Until later,

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Jamie Janow Elfert said...

Hi Tina

So glad to see you will be in Houston -- I just love your fabric. My sewing room had a recent makeover with some of your fabric, including the ironing board cover! I always buy extra when it comes to your fabric, so that I have something left after donating or gifting my quilts. Take Care.