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Jun 27, 2010


 Hmmm.... a sale at Rare, crazy and I love it. And they have a new inventory of that Pink polkadot from Fairy Tip Toes that everyone is crazy about.... so get in while the going is good!~
And remember to look up Kimono Suit and Angel Smock on my site for pattern enhancements. Just clickety click on the sewing pattern image and you'll find the download pdf.

I have attached the link to quilt home, but if it didn't work cut and paste the following into your brows-ah!

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Liz Mouse said...

Did no one notice the sale at except me?! I scooped yard after yard of nearly the complete collection of Treetop Fancy and Fairy Tip Toes. I got my shipment today and I feel like I died and went to fabric heaven. Oh Tina - I LOVE your designs. Wish I could find more of ZaZu.