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May 25, 2009


AND THEY SHIPPED! After months of production and pulling my hair out, the sewing patterns from series 1 have finally shipped to our distributors... and they are awesome. They look good, they are sweet and thanks to so many of you who have been waiting for this round in production. Printing thousands of patterns is no small feat, and now we have our systems in place series 2 is going to be a breeze! All of you who have ordered our sweet sewing patterns, they are on their way. They are shipping everywhere including Europe... so look out for them in the near weeks. I am already working on series 2, including some fab adult frocks and fun things for you to make!
If you know me I love comfort... I love wearing loose dresses, and have recently designed a new 'apron dress' and a super cool 'belted dress' that is so flattering you'll want one! Since I turned a year older today, I am reminded of my new body shape... and we must embrace the change, right?
Anyway, I digress... watch for the patterns, they are a-coming!

Shown above is 'Angel Smock' in fabric from Chloe's Imagination.


Lorelei said...

A little late but happy birthday to you!! :)
If you have time to check it out, I have finished my quilt top I made using mostly your fabrics!
I'm so in love with those... can't wait to see the new collection and the patterns!

Ness Blake said...

hi just cutting out island lounge top and can only see one neckline shown. As it is quite shallow I am presuming its the back, but not sure what to do for the front. I guess it should be deeper...... Worried it wont fit the binding, or I'll make it too deep. Any ideas? x Ness

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