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Jan 15, 2009


FAIRY TIP-TOES is glorious... I have been working with the collection now for a while.... the large panel is a yard long by 44" wide and it is F. U. N. I designed backing fabrics to match.... never too matchy matchy, the fabrics are a nice compliment to the larger panel. Designing the panels were fine until I realized that all that artwork had to be contained in a maximum # of colors... 16 to be exact... so each unit had to be carefully marked with color chips.... Through the approval process with the mill I questioned my sanity in creating the panels. And if you know textile design, if I didn't like one color in the acquas, if I made that change everything in the panel would change.... yeowsa! But thankfully it worked!
This one I named Meranda.... she's so colorful and pretty. Check out the other two - Ella in soft pinks and Persephone - in violet and soft yellow.
The panels I use in clothing for kids.... use them in dresses - talk about coversation starters! More pics coming.... In my upcoming book I used 'Ella' and created a perfect little top, called 'Annie's Top'... with fun and full frilly sleeves and unexpected collar!
Check out the other panels on, HERE.

The collection has shipped so check for it. A few online stops:
The Quilted Castle
Sew Mama Sew
Sweet Peas and Angels


HELLO my name is Jill said...

I love love love your fabric! I've always loved beautiful fabric but man oh man your designs are my all time favorite! I made my daughter the little goddess dress in the same fabric thats on the pattern cover and I always get tons of compliments on it. It's perfectly stunning. These new designs are getting me all excited to sew some more! thanks for being awesome.

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

love love love it! thanks for sharing pics :)

kangaroo said...

i just want to thank you. i won a yard of your silhouette polka pink with the darling birds on it from sew, mama, sew. i LOVE it and am going to make myself something with it, which i've never done before. not only is the print enchanting, but the fabric just FEELS better.

Karen said...

Tina, I will be ordering this line ASAP for my shop!
But the real reason I wanted to leave a comment was because I just added a new Post to my blog and you might want to check it out. We spoke about a month or so ago and this is the results of your kindness!!! Let me know what you think.
Karen @ Bless My Stitches Quilt Shop

Karen said...

Sorry but I forgot to leave you the blog site.
It is
May all your stitches be a blessing!

LilyHaven said...

GORGEOUS!!! I will be buying LOTS and LOTS!


Anonymous said...

hi, i just stumpled upon your blog. I'm having trouble reading your posts, the words are running past your border on the left side of the screen and your pics are cut in half too. Just wanted to let you know.

Just be...... said...

Ordering this fabric! Love!

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Debby and I've pieced two quilt tops with your Fairy Tip-Toes fabrics and panels. They are so much fun! I hand-quilted the first baby quilt and have pieced another. Great designing.

Stephanie M Larsen said...

I love this line of yours! It's just what I've been looking for. But, I'm having the hardest time finding it online, it seems to be sold out everywhere. IT's gorgeous.

teacuppy said...

I love your fabrics! I can't find your fabrics either online -I was looking for Persephone!

javieth said...

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Sarah said...

Hello. I Know I am about a year and a half late, but i am praying that you can help me locate some of the meranda panel fabric. We are having a baby girl and designing her nursery in your fairy tip toes pattern. I am so desperate for it! Can you please help me? I will pay double but i must find some of the meranda color!!!!!!! Thank you so much!

Séverine et Anthony said...

I love your fabrics! I can't find your fabrics either online -I was looking for Tina Givens Silhouette Polka Pink