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Dec 16, 2009

Kids Clothing

Zoe Dress is full and wide with a gathered neck line and elastic in the under arms for playtime fun!
Gathered in on the sides for extra poofy-ness... Zoe can be worn as is or with leggings and a T!

Bria in a reversible coat showing off my new fabrics from Olivia's Holiday! Isn't she cute?

So working on a new collection of kids apparel for both the Gift and Apparel markets. A few of the items shown here. I am designing them to fit toddler aged kids for gift stores. Bria here is just 14 months old and a sweet little darling...
The collection includes hats, sweet scarves, pocket bags for tots, coats, pinafores, dresses and more...
necklaces you'll want for you too!
More to come on this project! STAY TUNED...

Dec 12, 2009

Goldbug Studio

Today, Amelia and I had the pleasure of visiting a local artist, Ashley Carter! Ashley's business, Goldbug Studio Collection is housed in a wonderful old building which used to mend old firetrucks. You drive up and the white washed brick building is highlighted with a perfect acqua blue garage door (which leads into her warehouse). Around the corner we went to discover a perfect courtyard leading into a double glass garage door entrance to her showroom. For those of you who don't know what Ashley does, well she creates these one of a kind embellished, mixed-media pieces that are absolutely fantasy like in their vintage millinery florals, papers, tinsel and art... You can't believe the amount of work that goes into these creations! Detailed crowns for birthdays, bridal, Christmas or just because. Incredible ornaments I couldn't resist... and fairy tale boxes that boggle ones mind! She's a genius and her lovely art is available worldwide. This is truly a woman who has maintained her own personal creative integrity within a commercial and demanding main stream world. Just look at the crown above. This is actually a holiday tree topper... available at Anthropologie....
So thank you Ashley for a delightful afternoon. My Amelia was granted a beautiful Goldbug wand with which she cast good wishes all the way home.

Oct 26, 2009

Olivia's Holiday - more colors

These blues remind me of that pool side evening... the kind when you have a few close friends or family lingering around, the day has been long and fun, you've all had a little too much sun. And now it's that final cocktail hour at sunset before you settle down to a meal of some sort! The sun is going down and all the pinks and blues of the sky are starting to gel into one darker tint of smokey gray! "Let's have a Mint Julep and some tapas for eats?" Bring the soft cushions and quilts out to lounge about!

Then there's my favorite... Pink is my thing! What can I tell you. This is not just any pink palette, and certainly not for the meek minded... A delicious array of pinks and lemon yellows with a rich gray slate and oh, a touch of fuchsia just to mess with ya.... This is that mix of afternoon nap and a great book to doze with... but just enough color to keep your mind free to wonder! What are you thinking?
Let me know what your favorite color group is in my latest fabric collection!

Oct 25, 2009

New OLIVIA'S HOLIDAY fabric collection

My new fabric collection recently launched at the fabric show, International Quilt Market in Houston earlier this month. I think it is an elegant and sweet fabric collection. I created this collection reminiscent of 1950s holiday on the coast. Olivia is a cat on holiday with her human family enjoying the sun baked beaches, shade under the mangroves and breezy flower beds along their walk to the ocean! Colors are bright and cheerful yet soft and subtle in palette for dusky evenings, warm sunrises and afternoon naps in the gardens!

This colorway I call Breezy Beachsand... in soft yellow ivory, greens and blues!!! It's minty fresh don't you think? It also is a true quilters collection! The colors and patterns create a textured palette but maintain the integrity of each design without getting lost! Stick these patterns into a quilt and it'll turn out soft and wavy like the breezy water surface of the sea!!! How romantic is that? I am designing a quilt around this collection so wait for the freebee pattern...

Other colors include a pinky-yellow group I call Afternoon Sleep, and maybe my favorite.. also Sunset Walk in blue and pink and a delicious stoney grey! Watch for more images....

This collection is available now, so check with your favorite shop or call your rep.....

Lil' Dresses & my daughter!

I am mad for creating fun eclectic little visions for little girls.... My Amelia is 7 going on 21! She's an old soul, and although she models for me beautifully, she is completely not a fashionista, funcky chic (she told me so) or anything to do with unusual clothing. When she was 2, 3 even 4 and 5 she'd wear almost anything I put on her, and she loved it! Now, she has, well, a mind of her own and will only wear bright neon leggings and crazy t-shirts, a baseball cap in watermelon raspberry and maybe a pair of boots! Usually it's Nike runners or something absolutely not ok with me! Where does she get this stuff? Well I buy it for her naturally, because that's what she wants to wear. I do grit my teeth, but I believe, she's got to wear her own thing! Express her own individuality not mine! Eek, where does that leave me in designing for little girls! Well, I know I can design fun couture and extraordinary shapes for toddlers and slightly older, but six and up maybe not! Unless they were like me and always wore something mad! Madness I created myself I might add!

In the end! I am so very proud and happy to have an independent daughter who's as stubborn and maddening as ever! A little girl who expresses herself clearly! And I am lucky enough to be her mom! A little gushy I know, but all true!

Oct 8, 2009

Right Bank Babies

Right Bank Babies is a special childrens clothing manufacturer out of Los Angeles
by Ellen Uzarowicz. As you can see she has great taste in textiles... tee hee. I say so because she's selected some of mine in her collections and I am thrilled.... It incorporates a vintage flavor and a unique mix of the fabrics --- just as I love it! Thanks Ellen and congrats on a fabulous collection of kids clothing... see more at for more and to shop!

Love this in Chloe's Imagination mixing the orange I called Marigold Palace and blue, Azur Tea....

Fabric from Annabella collection, featuring Beatrice in avo and navy! Perfectly delicious!

From Chloe's Imagination, this blue pattern is called Fortiny after my great aunt!

Love the fabric on the left, but mine is on the right, Chloe in Blue (Azur Tea).
Fabulous piece this little reversible coat! A must for any stylish child's wardrobe!

Jun 17, 2009

Sewing Patterns Article

Sew News Magazine featured a few designers and that although we design quilt weight fabric, there are many other uses... such as clothing, bags and more.... Nice article, thanks Linda Lee.
A lot of designers ask me why I create sewing patterns, and the answer is to basically share what you can do with the fabrics. Thanks to all of my pattern supporters... who have worked with me in developing and refining the patterns. Watch the site for pattern upgrades, revisions and updates.... We're always looking for ways to improve on our patterns so let us know what you think? we'd love to hear!

Treetop Paver Quilt

These images of the are part of an upcoming German Craft Magazine... featuring the Treetop Fancy fabric collection... this quilt being a favorite right now. Pattern is available here on the blog if you're interested...

Jun 9, 2009

Pink Polkadots..... & kits

What great timing..... Felice from Georgetown Indiana wrote me a darling note, and attached was her daughter, Lila who will be 2 soon.... dressed in the sweetest outfit! She chose the pink pokadots, TG66 and Medallion Bird in green, TG65....
To add to it, wouldn't she look great in Cookie Coat in this TG61 Green?

I am inspired Felice... I think we need to kit out Cookie with Fairy Tip-Toes... what do you think? I have also been thinking of kitting Fairy panels with backing and coordinating binding to make small blanket quilts for the novice... would make perfect baby gifts!
I am off on a tangent once again, thanks again Felice! Great pic of Lila....

Jun 3, 2009

From Fairy Tip Toes.....

I have always loved polkadots.... this is one of my recent fabrics, TG66 in pink {also comes in peaches and chocolate, and a ivory, chocolate and yellow combo which is also delicious!}... anyhoo, this fabric is now also available as an invitation and notecard.... watch your local stationery shop for these little gems.... we'll be listing stores online here soon where you can find a stationer who can personalize...... eek! I am so excited about this!
PS Polkadot Silhouette above is one of my best selling fabrics as simple as it is.... I think that is it's charm!

See Tina's new stationery collection at

May 25, 2009


AND THEY SHIPPED! After months of production and pulling my hair out, the sewing patterns from series 1 have finally shipped to our distributors... and they are awesome. They look good, they are sweet and thanks to so many of you who have been waiting for this round in production. Printing thousands of patterns is no small feat, and now we have our systems in place series 2 is going to be a breeze! All of you who have ordered our sweet sewing patterns, they are on their way. They are shipping everywhere including Europe... so look out for them in the near weeks. I am already working on series 2, including some fab adult frocks and fun things for you to make!
If you know me I love comfort... I love wearing loose dresses, and have recently designed a new 'apron dress' and a super cool 'belted dress' that is so flattering you'll want one! Since I turned a year older today, I am reminded of my new body shape... and we must embrace the change, right?
Anyway, I digress... watch for the patterns, they are a-coming!

Shown above is 'Angel Smock' in fabric from Chloe's Imagination.

NY Trade Show

Renee and I thoroughly enjoyed the National Stationery Show this year. Our booth was sweet and pink, Kevin did a fabulous job of adapting the fabric display to the stationery show. We launched the new fabulous stationery collection and the response was wonderful. It's a small community within the stationery world and it's tight. I experienced many laughs with both retailers and other stationery manufacturers... we had a lovely time!
The collection is soft and sweet, we named it Tina Givens Stationery because it sort of fuses the fabric design with the stationery design.... some of you fabric lovers will recognize the 'silhouette birds' in the invite on the left in the above image. Now you can show off stationery matching the fabrics.... ooh! I am enjoying myself!

May 8, 2009

t i n y p r o s e

You can hardy see them here but these are the sweetest greeting cards ever.... I have always wanted to put words to my cards and this is just my 'cup a' tea'... Small and sweet, I named the greeting cards 't i n y p r o s e'... little ivory cards with little perfect motifs and a sweet message on the inside... Yummy delicious... and for stores who want a 'spinner' we have one to show off at National Stationery Show... it fits 40 of these delightful little sentiments and messages... choose between tiny, wedded, holiday and baby prose! Cute for words!!!
Tee hee. Booths 3254,3252 May 17-21 '09 see you next week!

Apr 22, 2009

National Stationery Show

I am busy prepping for the National Stationery Show.... we skipped last year due to the fabric shows, and this year committed to returning! I love doing this show... there is much fuss, prep and highly enthusiastic competition for everyone! The creativity that goes into each booth, or in European and Australian terms, each 'stand', that it simply boggles my mind. At the International Quilt Markets we have won best booth twice in different categories... but at the Stationery Show, even we have not won the infamous award of best booth!!! It brings me back to our very first booth 5 years ago, with a pink flokati rug, chocolate brown fabric walls and sweetly framed pink felt to show off our hot off the press recently printed invites and cards.... down in the basement in our last minute booth space.... and wow were our heads spinning at the rush of stationers from around the world clammering for our sweet little collection, Cid Pear. Now we have walls and perfect lighting and manage a key space each time among Anna Griffin, Vera Wang, Kate Spade, the lovely Jack & Lulu, Stacy Claire Boyd (a veteran in the business) and even unbelievable Elum the perfectly delicious letter press designers!
Times have changed and each year we have seen changes in buying habits from both consumer and of course retailer, and again recent changes with the awareness of a changing economic climate.... so we must change! We must, or we will not be able to bring our beautiful invites to the market... thus the new Tina Givens stationery collection.... it's perfectly lovely, very sophisticated and whimsical again all at the same time, but unlike Cid Pear's classic high-end price - point, we are able to bring this new collection at unbelievable prices. This means our stationers and book sellers and gift shops around the world will be able to introduce a Tina flavored collection to everyone! Not just those lovely fans of Cid who can afford Cid Pear. I am even encouraged to tell you, our most influential Cid Pear buyers are lining up for the new lower priced collection not because of the amazing price point, but the quality and design of the line. This is a wonderful compliment.
And for those of you who are fabric buyers and collectors of my fabrics.... you'll love this collection because it has a connection to the textiles I design for Westminster Fibers. They're pretty and full of mischief and those florals and fairies are all invited to the stationery party! So join us, come to the National Stationery Show next month. It's at the Javits in New York (trade only sorry) ... May 17th to the 20th.... We're booths 3252 and 3254..... I hope to see you there, and if you mention Tina's Blog password, which is 'BLOGGEDY BLOG BLOG' you will receive 20% off your show purchase! Big yeah! I will continue to post and will post through the show to give you folks who can't attend a flavored peek into the world of the stationery show!

Mar 26, 2009

Free Quilt Pattern / Treetop Paver Quilt

The two latest collections, Treetop Fancy and Fairy Tip-Toes were featured in fabric shows in France, Spain and in Germany. They were received so well.... so much so that there is an upcoming show in Prague and one of the most simple quilts I did is being shown at the PRAGUE PATCHWORK MEETING and EXHIBITION in a few weeks... April 4th to be exact! They are featuring the quilt and creating kits.... wow! I thought you'd like to see. I have also added the quilt pattern to Free Patterns look on the left there, so hurry and get yourself one. Treetop can be found at any one of the stores listed and online at quilthome,, fatquartershop and more. I want to make this same quilt in the pinks and yellows... oh maybe in the Eggplant Souffle colorway! What do you think?
Yummy! PS this is a big square quilt... fab for picnics and fireworks watching in July here in the USA!

Mar 24, 2009

25% discount at

Quilt Home also now has TreeTop Fancy, and they have a special 25% off in stock fabrics and sewing patterns. That's awesome.... Check it out! Here

Mar 5, 2009

One of my favorite online shops is and they are currently featuring Treetop Fancy among other collections... wow, and do they do a great job of creating fabulous images... here's one of theirs... featuring my Clementine palette from Treetop.....
And visit for a free pattern we created for Treetop.... I had the same quilt at market in the Pink Papaya palette.... so pretty.... I mean this is a quilt that caused a few gasps... It's rich with color, and striking with large piece patchwork.... take a look! Free Quilt Pattern.

Feb 20, 2009


I was tickled today when I received a lovely batch of new CR Gibson catalogs hot off the press. Right on the cover the fabulous CR Gibson team featured two of my wraps.... and they look so good. I want to share more images with you but for the time being here's the front cover! The top box is in BEATRICE, a favorite of mine.... and then there's the bottom box clad in ENCHANTED GARDEN. I promise to load more images as I get them.... the baby wraps are delightful! Susie I adore working with you!
See more of the collection at

Feb 7, 2009

Cookie Coat Sewing Pattern TUTORIAL

This is a tutorial to be used in conjunction with the COOKIE COAT sewing pattern. The coat is a gloriously wide coat with 3/4 sleeves... the pattern includes 3 sizes, small, medium and large, for a toddler aged 2-3 to a 6/7 year old.
Sizing for this coat:
Small 2T/3T: length from shoulder: 22"
Width at waist: 21"
Sleeve length: 12"
Medium: 4T/5T: length: 23"; width: 24.5", sleeve: 14"
Large: 6/7: length: 25", width 26" and sleeve: 15"
I recently made the Cookie Coat for my Amelia... who is 6. She's a petite 6 with long legs... Anyhoo, we selected 2 fabrics from one of my recent collections, FAIRY TIP-TOES, Cupcake Medley in Blue and Pink Silhouette Polka for the lining, neck and sleeves....

So, the first step for this is to prepare the fabric and pattern. I designed the bodice for the coat to be cut all in one piece. A little unconventional but a method which is quite efficient. Simply fold your fabric in half lengthwise (as it comes off the roll), and fold again along it's first fold. Lay the bodice pattern with the neck at the folded point, sleeves facing toward the selvedge edges. Pin so the center of the bodice lays down the double fold, and the sleeve top lays across the short fold. Cut through all 4 layers. Then first cut the back neck shape through all layers, and then just the front layer you're going to cut the deeper neck line which would be the front of the coat bodice.
Next carefully cut through the front fold and only the front fold as in the image, to form the front openings of the coat.
Next is the skirt part of the coat.
The pattern piece is used to cut both the front and the back. First lay the piece along one fold of the fabric, and cut out the skirt as the pattern indicates, then using the same piece repeat for a second piece. Once cut out, again cut through the fold of just one of the pieces - to form the front openings of the coat.
Then cut the bands, and strips for the remaining bits and pieces for the coat as indicated on the pattern pieces.
Now repeat for the lining fabric - both bodice and skirt are cut the same way as above.
NOTE: If you use a fabric like I did here, with a directional pattern, when you fold the fabric the second time to cut the bodice out in one piece, the birds will be upside down on the backside. So, what I did here was to cut the front and back separately with a 1/4" seam allowance along the shoulder top. Once cut out, I simply seamed the shoulders to form one piece.
The bodice calls for two coordinating strips topstitched onto the bodice piece. The image shows placement of these strips.
The next item is the pleated strip along the back waist band of the coat. I love this because it ads such flavor to the coat. Pleat the band so it measures 21" or sits inside the edges of the sides of the coat.

Next is the skirt. On the pattern I show pleat marks where to pleat so as to fit along the bodice edge. Use your judgement here, I created a deep pleat center back, which was enough to fit the bodice edge.

The next images simply illustrate sewing the lining coat to the exterior coat along the front yoke strips; adding the frilly collar, and binding to finish the raw seam allowance.
And finally an image of my Amelia in her finished coat.