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Jul 27, 2011


Well it has been a while since I blogged. I get stuck sometimes because I have so much on my plate, sometimes it's difficult to become inspirational about what to blog. And then I thought well, maybe you'd be interested in what I am so busy with.

 Among many projects right now and I'll get to those. I received 30 bolts of the cotton substrates for my newest fabric collection LILLIPUT FIELDS. This collection will ship to stores in the fall. In the meantime (and usually I get fabrics 4 weeks prior to a launch) I create a 'launch' plan to show off the fabrics to fabric stores nationwide and worldwide. Twice a year, manufacturers and designers like myself exhibit at the International Quilt Market. This is a large trade show where stores come to view what's new. They make appointments with the manufacturers and actually place orders. The next one coming up is the annual Houston event in October. At this show I will be sharing Lilliput Fields.
It's quite an endeavor and we'll go through the projects in a series of blog entries. Please comment on the blog and share, because you will be entered into monthly drawings for fabric give aways.
So let me briefly outline the plan.

THE FABRIC collection
itself inspires the theme. Lilliput Fields is a mix of exotic and far off fantasy designs, reflecting a global take on ancient weaving, tapestry and design. I started with the ancient Suzani tapestry which is an ancient tribal textile from central Asian countries. This is an example of a Suzani embroidery. I particularly love the disks of embroidery pattern and thus started sketching out my own versions.

Here's my version of the Suzani for the collection... and it comes in 3 colors. Sundapple, Violet and this one is chocolate!

OK, moving on. I also love the whole IKAT thing, another ancient tribal textile... from many cultures from Southern America, Central Asia and even African tribes. The textile was dyed playing with the weft and warp of the threads of a weave... thus achieving that rough edge of the design. See this old version...
And so I scribbled to create a similar effect for printed fabrics... here's mine...

So all that with a hint of victorian flavored florals...

So, 10 designs in all... here is the colorway I call Sunset Morgan.
So we have this decadent mix of pattern in rich hues. The others are a yellow I call Sun Flecked and Morning Dew.

So added to this lot, is the home dec fabrics. I chose just 3 of the designs,

in cotton sateen which is a beautiful heavy weight home decorator cotton.  Nice to make bags with by the way!
So that's the fabric ~ what does it conjure up? I feel global, culture rich, but I also see old and ancient, cobwebs ~ ooh maybe an old storage room filled with textiles and old furniture. We could upholster the furniture, make large exotic cushions and mattresses, how about a headboard... large oversized quilts. Ooh what about a large screen for the walls... or leaning up along one wall. I like that!

 An old lantern... beaded. Hey you guys this is working for me... so let's make our list thus far!
I have to think about the floor too...

SPACE IS 20x10
• Global = lanterns, tassels, embroidery,
• Culture = costume,... need more here! Asian newspapers or printed papyrus... hmmmm
• Flowers = orchids, leaves (although we are in an ancient storage room?) any ideas?
• Porcelain garden stool
• Asian cabinet - oh I have one! It's sort of a cupboard. We can open it and have fabrics, quilts in it!
• I have an Indian head, not on me but on my mantel. Can use that yes?
• Ancient Chinese vase (hmm)
• Some old prints, like dressed up monkeys... or florals...
• quilts... better get crackin'
• furniture pieces, i have an old little chair would be great, need another piece, like a little sofa of some sort... headboard
• lantern chandelier - I saw the most amazing piece at the Atlanta show. I would make it of course... yes I am ambitious about this piece (my little antennae went up on my head... beware beware Tina's going crazy)... anyway, if I can find a skeleton frame I can go from there...
• cushions, mattresses? definitely the large cushions and poofs. tassels..
• the screen... I shall send Kev to Home Depo for the wood pieces... he's going to be so pleased (lol)

Alright, so we have our initial list. I have one big issue. How do we display the current sewing patterns and finished garments and bags. Well, they'll be splattered about. Oh and I can do a display in the Westminster booth... please Nancy!

OK, so let me know your thoughts, and we shall go from there. In the meantime I'll start gathering the pieces and sketching the quilts.