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Apr 26, 2013

New sewing patterns!

Sugar Slip (Gathered side or drawstring hem)

Luella Tunic & Cargo Pant

Layla Dress
Serena Slip Dress for girls
Layla Lou for girls {8-12}

Apr 8, 2013

Dovecote Inspiration

In preparing for Portland Quilt Market, we create new items and use the new fabrics in our sewing patterns. I am so excited about this bright and happy collection, it really is lovely. Inspired by dove imagery, a Dovecote and sunny days.
In preparing for a display at the trade show I am developing a unique applique quilting project for quilts or wall hangings. My inspiration for this part of sharing Dovecote I am using my everyday life's events. I am redoing Amelia's bedroom this summer and she loves the fabrics... wow! She's 10 and a bustling ball of energy, giggles and growth spurts! Soon to be 11 in June! So of course, quilts, wall hangings and more.
My PRAIRIE SLIP for women sewing pattern is outselling all patterns and so I have Dovecote fabrics selected just for that pattern! Introducing new patterns featuring the fabrics and throwing new Dovecote energy into the existing patterns. My apparel collection debuted last year and we use solid linens but we also use my fabrics designed for WFI FreeSpirit Fabrics and I am having a blast sharing these with women who don't sew. For you lucky ladies who do I have been so fortunate and encouraged to share the collection through sewing patterns for you!

This imagery is a small taste of what is to come. And if you are a store and coming to Portland please come and see it all at the WFI booth. I will be doing more blog posts as we make headway into the new sewing pattern photography, new downloadable printable posters for your store, and an amazing slew of freeby QUILT projects. I can't wait. In the meantime, enjoy and stay tuned for ongoing news.
Hugs from me,
To see the fabrics see the last post on 3/8/13 

Prairie Linen Slip Sewing Pattern (women)