Aug 10, 2017

Rich Fall Inspiration!

I have not been here for quite some time. Wow life has been busy! I am exploring new adventures in sewing all of the time, and recently partnered with a lovely lady. She's busy reviewing the sewing patterns one by one with a fine toothed comb to revisit, add, correct and otherwise make TG patterns poifect!

We have an astounding 120 sewing patterns so we are reviewing the best sellers, and reviewing not so much.. We plan to discontinue printing certain titles but keep them available as downloads for those who wish to purchase. Our audience grows daily and we have noticed a much younger sewer coming on board and making clothes for themselves. Love this and so creating a new collection for the not-so-lagenwear customer. These projects will be simple, inspired by haute couture and always injected with a little unexpected construction and idea. Yay! If you follow our OLIVIA KLUE board on PINTEREST you will get an idea of this new range.

In the meantime I have been working on some yummy new ideas. See the above inspiration board! I am choosing soft natural fibers, jersey knits, the amazing CLARA Coat for sure, a TG signature piece, rich tapestry and texture, and a few simple bags for extra measure. What do you think?

In the meantime watch SEWTG, sign up for newsletter news for new patterns to debut shortly.

So stay tuned, engage with me here, and I will share some tutorial action and answer questions you may have.
Hugs from me!

Sep 26, 2014

Add a bit of color!

Inspired by my fellow FreeSpirit Designer prints, I took them on to design some unique pieces just for them. I love them and the color is just sublime, from rich navy and greens by Heather Bailey, delicate petals by Amy Butler and brilliant brights by Anna Maria Horner, add a touch of whimsey love by Zandra Rhodes and this is what I came up with. All available on
Stores please email us or see them at Quilt Market this October.
Big love,

Jul 9, 2014


Love this publication! It's by the amazing Jo Packham of WHERE WOMEN CREATE featuring studios of creative working individuals, authors and retailers too. She also is the editor for WHERE WOMEN COOK and WHERE WOMEN CREATE BUSINESS.
All amazing publications. You can find them on amazon and also STAMPINGTON PRESS. Links below.

I am so thrilled to be in WHERE WOMEN CREATE BUSINESS this fall. My article is about me running my business, being in business and navigating through change. Something I've learned to do well. I think you will enjoy it.


May 5, 2014

Sew Much Style

I love my sewing patterns on and we are thrilled that our sweet Zoe and Beatrice get so much attention! They seem to fall into their own category. And that's a sewer between 18 and 30... Thus we are exploring a new section on called SEW MUCH STYLE targeting a youthful sewer who loves the likes of Anthropologie and FreePeople.. If that's you tell me what you want to see... a few inspirational images are shown above... we like the playfulness of the prints, sporty and yet with a romantic flair.  I can't wait to share the new patterns with you.

Zoe Dress Sewing Pattern

 To visit Tina's sewing site go to WWW.SEWTINAGIVENS.COM

There's sew much stuff to love!


Apr 25, 2014


Hurry and get your printed copies of Mila and Archie.... These are shipping May. Use coupon FACEBOOK4 at checkout for 20% off your entire order! Yay!

Jan 9, 2014


Happy New Year sewing.... During these colder days it's so lovely to sew. We live in NC where it's been chilly -- not below zero, but cold, and the sun shines in the windows. There's nothing better than cutting, and stitching up something wonderful.
To celebrate we released 3 new great sewing patterns for you on
These are my newest favorites! I wear all 3 pieces a lot!
Sending hugs and kisses your way.
Happy sewing!

Jan 5, 2014

RIDDLES & RHYMES fabric collection for FreeSpiritFabric

Recently I received my personal sample stash of my latest fabric collection RIDDLES & RHYMES. What a sweet group of fabrics this is. My illustration of favorite characters really comes through in this collection. You can see my hand drawn sketch lines.
The range was separated into two groups - boys and girls. And two colorways per. I love this line and hope you do too.
We're debuting a new form of pattern ideas in the form of a digital e-pattern book online. So watch for news on the RIDDLES & RHYMES PLAYBOOK of sewing projects and patterns.

Big hugs to you this NEW year.

Dec 30, 2013

Quilting with Linen

I am super excited about quilting with linen! You are going to be in for a surprise! Linen is gorgeous, soft and luxurious and there's something so sincere about organic linen textiles. Watch for a series here on the blog, and soon on PBS for It's Sew Easy! I can't wait to share!

Dec 2, 2013

LOOK #323

LOOK #323
Colby Vest in Autumn gold medium weight linen, vintage buttons and amazing swing; Plinka Pant in black medium weight linen, and the Nantucket Sleeved topper in ivory linen. Both Plinka and soon Colby are free patterns on the site, and Nantucket is coming shortly.

Email us we can hook you up with the most glorious linen ever!