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Jul 7, 2008

Doll - Ms. Mona

Meet Ms. Mona....
I am tickled pink about this little lady! First, over the long weekend I was finishing my project list for my upcoming book, sewing for children - an instruction book by LARK BOOKS. Anyway, I've been working on a doll idea for sometime, well working it in my mind. This is never any good because when I actually get to do it, it's always different as I work out the kinks! So I finally decided, I want to make a doll... So I began... I started on her body, with something lean in mind for little fingers to hang onto; then her face. Oh, she needed a little character in her face right? And I was missing something! After several tries I decided to review what the fabulous and effervescent Elinor Peace Bailey would do. I couldn't do what she does because, well she's a genius people! But, how does she get to create such perfect and clever faces? So examining her work I decided it has to be in pieces, the crown, the chin and a profile of sorts... and upon cutting and cutting and recutting and sewing and pulling and tugging and Kevin peering over my shoulder with a "Hmmm..." And finally, ahhhh. That's it! Oh, ok! And now I want to make more faces, with other expressions and tiny little lips in lipstick shades! Ms. Mona has a fun expression doesn't she. That's "Pink Madrah" lipstick-shade, thank you very much! Or pale-pink cotton embroidery thread I found in Mellie's sewing box!

So, now I sewed the head onto the body, and then, the best part of all. Dressing her! Oh my did I have fun! All night till the wee hours I gathered, and cut and my little machine whirred away. I stitched and listened to some old movie because I was too busy, way to busy to look up. "Are you done yet?" I hear... "Almost!" Well, almost in my world is hours from any minute in time! And, finally... I held her up and Kevin gasped, "From the back she looks like you!"

Anyway, thanks for reading my spew on Ms. Mona. But, I am delighted with her and thought you'd get a kick out of her too! Ms. Mona's wardrobe is in Chloe's Imagination, naturally! As chic as she is!

Oh, and if you don't know who ELINOR PEACE BAILEY IS!
I have always loved handmade dolls, my favorite doll maker in the whole wide world is none other than ELINOR PEACE BAILEY. Please visit with her online and see her work - she is truly a scruptious lady. She even looks like her special and unique dolls - I mean this woman dresses and lives in society as a flamboyant frilly doll maker, and that's that! Taker her or leave her! And with a soul as kind and sweet as an angel, Elinor is loved dearly by anyone who meets her. Anyhoo, this fabulous doll lady is available to visit with online at!

Say hi from me!