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Apr 26, 2011

Pernilla's Journey Sweet Quilt

Check out Ellen Maxwell's work... she whipped this quilt up today and sent me a pic! Using my new fabric collection Pernilla's Journey in the black and pink palette I call Licorice Cloud. I am so thrilled I thought I'd share! Isn't she talented. I am hoping to have this as a freeby quilt for you guys... we shall see! I can't wait to see it in person. PS she used the cotton/linens for the quilt! Wonder what she used for the back, and what pray tell will she use for the binding!  Omygosh! This will be on display at Quilt Market next month in Salt Lake City!

Apr 22, 2011

E-Sewing Patterns

I am creating a slew of online downloadable sewing patterns and having a blast. I have been designing like a madwoman of recent months and created a host of infant, toddler and adult apparel. So they will be loading onto the website for fun easy downloadable fun for a short time. Then will go on sale at a nominal fee of $5.99 each. Just download, print out the 8.5x11 pages and gather them together, tape em together according to the directions and whalah you have a new sewing pattern. At a fraction of the cost of paper sewing patterns, it's worthwhile the extra time. And it takes no time really. If you're like me I am an 'instant gratification' girl - so finding something cute and fun, being able to download it in minutes and able to sew it that day without leaving the house is just amazing.

The only question is whether you have a stash of your favorite fabric finds available for cutting. All new sewing patterns are being created in my recent Haven's Edge fabric collection and my new Pernilla's Journey, which is delightful, delicious-o and oh my favorite right now!
  For a quick hint, the first two infant patterns to go up include a super little outfit I call LITTLE NAARTJIE (pronounced NAR-T-GEE)... you'll have to download the pattern to find out what it means. And if you do know what it means, comment here for a chance to win fabric.... fabric and more fabric from the new collections. And then there's Mush Mush Girl, which is a sweet little smock dress with a center front pocket... too cute and you'll want one for the little baby girl in your life.
Jodhpur breeches for baby... yes of course and why not. They are darling, easy and oh so couture.... I call these Saddle Brooks... for riding on dad's knee they're the perfect baby wardrobe item! Oh yes indeed!

Alright I promise pictures and more soon... remember to comment for a quick win at some fabric!


ps Happy Easter weekend to all