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May 25, 2009


AND THEY SHIPPED! After months of production and pulling my hair out, the sewing patterns from series 1 have finally shipped to our distributors... and they are awesome. They look good, they are sweet and thanks to so many of you who have been waiting for this round in production. Printing thousands of patterns is no small feat, and now we have our systems in place series 2 is going to be a breeze! All of you who have ordered our sweet sewing patterns, they are on their way. They are shipping everywhere including Europe... so look out for them in the near weeks. I am already working on series 2, including some fab adult frocks and fun things for you to make!
If you know me I love comfort... I love wearing loose dresses, and have recently designed a new 'apron dress' and a super cool 'belted dress' that is so flattering you'll want one! Since I turned a year older today, I am reminded of my new body shape... and we must embrace the change, right?
Anyway, I digress... watch for the patterns, they are a-coming!

Shown above is 'Angel Smock' in fabric from Chloe's Imagination.

NY Trade Show

Renee and I thoroughly enjoyed the National Stationery Show this year. Our booth was sweet and pink, Kevin did a fabulous job of adapting the fabric display to the stationery show. We launched the new fabulous stationery collection and the response was wonderful. It's a small community within the stationery world and it's tight. I experienced many laughs with both retailers and other stationery manufacturers... we had a lovely time!
The collection is soft and sweet, we named it Tina Givens Stationery because it sort of fuses the fabric design with the stationery design.... some of you fabric lovers will recognize the 'silhouette birds' in the invite on the left in the above image. Now you can show off stationery matching the fabrics.... ooh! I am enjoying myself!

May 8, 2009

t i n y p r o s e

You can hardy see them here but these are the sweetest greeting cards ever.... I have always wanted to put words to my cards and this is just my 'cup a' tea'... Small and sweet, I named the greeting cards 't i n y p r o s e'... little ivory cards with little perfect motifs and a sweet message on the inside... Yummy delicious... and for stores who want a 'spinner' we have one to show off at National Stationery Show... it fits 40 of these delightful little sentiments and messages... choose between tiny, wedded, holiday and baby prose! Cute for words!!!
Tee hee. Booths 3254,3252 May 17-21 '09 see you next week!