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Oct 31, 2008

Anna Maria Horner

One of the best parts about designing fabrics and being a part of fabulous Westminster Fibers is being associated with people like Anna Maria Horner. She's a sweet, funny, crazy talented, divine person... I am not exaggerating, she's lovely. She's superwoman too with more children than most of us and a happy husband. Whewee girly girl how does she do it? Besides designing fabric within the same company, Anna Maria and I share other things in common. She's designing a super cool stationery, she's a mom of course, she's also Greek! I dunno if you know this about me, but even though I was born in Africa, my mother is English and my daddy was born in South Africa into a crazy Greek family. From Cyprus the family immigrated to Central Africa in the 20s. And pops was born in 1940! Long lovely story, one day I will bore you with it. Anyway, I am of course off on a tangent once again. Back to Anna Maria Horner.
Anna has a unique flavor she injects into her design, she is a gypsy at heart I think, very talented and has this bohemian quality she maintains in her color palettes and design. With her new book out, patterns on the way and a very busy schedule, she manages stints with the queen mother - Martha Stewart. My guess is she'll be appearing with her signature giggle on Oprah. We shall see! In the meantime, catch up with Anna on her site and blog.
Oh see her booth here, she won 1st place for booth design..... again!
Rock on Anna!


Miss Lobelia said...
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Miss Lobelia said...

Yes, I agree, Anna Maria is fabulous, but so are you. I have just seen the fabric swatches for Fairy Tip Toes and Tree Top Fancy and I am right now wishing I owned a fabric shop so I could buy bolts and bolts of them. They are beautiful once again. Congradulations and thanks for sharing. Danielle

Ivy said...

Hi Tina,
Wow this is a real treat! I just happen to be the biggest fan of both you and Anna Maria. I didn't know you had a blog and since I'm a novice at sewing, your blog, with these tutorials will help me greatly.

Thank you so much for sharing info. It's like having my own private instructor.

Love your new line too.



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